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The new Training K Licence for karting track tests
15 January 2024

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The new Training K Licence has been introduced for track tests, which also includes insurance coverage. It is not valid for competing in races.

With the favourable approval of the Sports Council, the ACI Sport Karting Commission has introduced the new Training K licence, which allows testing on all homologated circuits and which aims to provide a cheap and affordable product for testing on racetracks with a card that also includes insurance coverage.

The cost is of 30.00 Euros, without the obligation of the ACI card, and non-competitive medical certificate.

Therefore, a product that the ACI Karting Commission has decided to introduce to encourage driving karts on the track on a regular basis and to try to increase the number of practitioners as much as possible.

The Training K Licence does not allow participation in races, it is only valid for carrying out track tests. 

 Press Release © ACI Sport 

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