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The victory of Marche in the Italian Championship for Regional Teams
Giovanni Mele
03 December 2019

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To win the 24th Italian Regional Team Championship was the Marche region, led by the ACI Sport representative for the region Massimo Golfetti, which prevailed throughout the weekend of the event held at Battaglia with a good advantage at the end of Race 1 for then confirm themselves in first place in the general classification at the end of Race2.

This is the composition of the Marche team: in the 60 Mini Riccardo Paniccià (IPK-TM) and Francesco Amendola (BirelArt-TM), in KZ2 Francesco Temperini (Tony Kart-TM), in KZN Under Matteo Massatani (TB Kart-TM), Leonardo Pelosi (Maranello-TM) and Matteo Brasili (IPK-TM), in KZN Over Paolo Gagliardini (Sodi-TM), Marino Spinozzi (Tony Kart-TM) and Maurizio Giacchetti (Tony Kart-TM).

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The results obtained by Marche:

KZN Over: Gagliardini won in Race 1 and third in Race 2, Spinozzi fifth in Race 1, Giacchetti 9th in Race 1.

KZN Under: Massatani third in Race 1 and second in Race 2, Pelosi 11th in Race 1 and fourth in Race 2, Brasili 22nd in Race 1.

60 Mini: Paniccià second in both Race 1 and Race 2, Amendola tenth in Race 1 and seventh in Race 2.

KZ2: 11th sharpeners in Race 1 and 10th in Race2.

The final classification of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams:

Marche points 323; 2. Lazio 313; 3. Lombardy 303; 4. Sicily 293; 5. Puglia 252; 6. Campania 231; 7. Toscana 216; 8. Emilia Romagna 208; 9. Abruzzo and Molise 146; 10. Calabria 141; 11. Umbria 126; 12. Basilicata 74; 13. Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta 61.
The Gold Register of the Italian Championship for Regional Teams:

1988 Lazio; 1989 Romagna; 1990 Abruzzo; 1991 Abruzzo; 1992 Marche; 1993 Puglia; 1994 Veneto; 1995 Abruzzo; 1996 Lazio; 1997 not disputed; 1998 not disputed; 1999 Lazio; 2000 Lombardy; 2001 Veneto; 2002 Sicily; 2003 Lazio; 2004 Lombardy; 2005 Veneto; 2006 Abruzzo; 2007 Marche; 2008 Marche; 2009 Abruzzo; 2010 Abruzzo; 2011 Tuscany; from 2012 to 2017 not disputed; 2018 Lombardy; 2019 Marche.

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Nelle foto: I piloti della squadra delle Marche.

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