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Paolo Castagnetti new "star" in the NasKart universe
28 July 2018

The 19 year old Carpineto Piacentino, already knowledgeable of the Italian marching karting, will immediately try to climb to the podium of NasKart so as to immediately leave the mark.

Paolo Castagnetti: "NasKart is a championship that intrigued me since the beginning of the year and, after seeing the Siena and Muro Leccese races, I decided to get involved. The track, Adria, is very complex and even the vehicle requires certain skills, all of which makes the challenge even more exciting "

Gianmarco Ercoli - COO NasKart: "I am very happy to see an increasing interest in the series. At the beginning we made a big bet by importing a model, the American one, unknown to most in Europe, however, this move is bearing fruit. "

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