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Exclusive: Travisanutto switches to Parolin Racing Kart
Yanek Sterzel
26 August 2020

The two-time world champion, after a season started with the Tony Kart Racing Team, changes his team and starting from the next European OK race in Wackersdorf he will race with Parolin - TM Racing equipment

Only official press release is missing, but the photo that the TKART editorial team managed to intercept leaves no doubt: Lorenzo Travisanutto, reigning world champion, is the new Parolin Racing Kart driver for the OK category.

Travisanutto's absence in Sarno last weekend foreshadowed a move of the Italian to another team for the last part of the season and so it was.

The collaboration with the Tony Kart Racing Team has never taken off in terms of results. Lorenzo has always been evidently slower than his teammates Joe Turney and Pedro Hiltbrand as well as totally far from the performance he had accustomed us to in last years. An anomalous situation considering that we are talking about a two-time world champion and one of the most victorious teams in the history of karting, but that in the world of motorsport (examples, especially in motorcycling, in recent years are varius) can always occur, and which led to the inevitable separation between Lorenzo and the official Tony Kart team.

Travisanutto will be on track on the weekend of 12-13 September in Wackersdorf for the last one before the OK European Championship.

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