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New LeVanto tyres for Rok Cup
Giovanni Mele
18 November 2020

The new LeVanto tyres will equip all Rok classes, from Mini Rok to Shifter Rok.

The tyres branded LeVanto, produced by the well-known Italian tyres manufacturer LeCont, have been successfully tested in the last months and proved to be reliable and performing. They have been intensely developped focusing on the adaptability to all the different technical characteristics of Rok categories.

The model used for Rok classes is LeVanto KRT, which is the result of a careful research and development work carried out synergistically by experienced entitities of the karting world.

LeVanto KRT tyres are an exclusive product for our single-brand championship and will be available in the following sizes 10x4.00-5/11x5.00-5  for Mini Rok class and 10x4.50-5/11x7.10-5 for all the other Rok classes.

From 2021 Rok Cup, well-established single-brand championship within the international karting scene, appreciated and chosen by karting drivers coming from all over the world will use reliable, consistent and extremely performing tyres.

With the introduction of LeVanto tyres the Rok Cup signs a further evolution in name of quality.

LeVanto tyres will be used in 2021 Rok Cup and are already available.

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