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Ride Safe: a helmet decontamination unit by SaniBoxx
Giovanni Mele
28 April 2020

Saniboxx steps up to help the karting community which, like all the sectors of the economy, is trying to reorganize for the the post-emergency. This time, the problem that needs to be solved is one that will surely worry the owners of rental kart tracks, since customers will hardly be able to use a helmet already worn by another driver.

The fix? A UV decontamination system for helmets. It's called Ride Safe and it derives strictly from the decontamination system for face shields that Saniboxx developed during the Covid-19 emergency.
Ride Safe is designed according to the standards of the United States Center for Disease Prevention and Control and is able to decontaminate 12 helmets in just 8 minutes.

For more information on using the Ride Safe system and how to buy, visit or contact Zack Skolnick at [email protected]


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