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TKART Exclusive: the first photos of the new 60 Mini by TM Racing
Giovanni Mele
30 October 2019

The 60 cc by TM Racing is the most popular engine on the starting grids of the most important races of the 60 Mini category. With the new model about to get the homolagation, the goal of the manufacturer from Pesaro is to reaffirm the superior performance of its product.
The name of the new engine is "MINI 2" and it' s derived from its previous iteration, an already excellent model analyzed on TKART Magazine. We are talking, therefore, of an evolution, which hides many new features.On the outside we can already notice the new plastic air conveyors mounted on the sides of the cylinder: a component that, at first glance, may seem secondary but that, as Franco Drudi explains, has significantly lowered the temperature of the cylinder. Also new is the seat where the sticker is attached during the check, now located behind the engine at the starter to simplify the work of the commissioners.
Stay tuned on TKART Magazine if you want to discover all the details of the new MINI 2 60 cc engine by TM Racing.

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