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“Which kart is right for me?” Praga Karts replies with its own purchasing advice
12 February 2021

From racing to rental, from beginners to the most demanding drivers, the product range of Praga Karts, a brand belonging to the IPKarting group, supplies products suitable for every need. All the products fully respond to the IPKarting production philosophy: attention to detail, chassis made of tubes bent with precision to the tenth of a degree and welded by the skilled hands of specialised operators. Without neglecting high performance, reliability, and a range of accessories able to adapt the chassis to all drivers.

BABY classes
The Baby class is aimed at children aged 6 to 9 who are getting involved in the racing world for the first time. Praga Karts has thought of drivers in this age group by dedicating the Praga BABY to them, with a chassis made entirely of 28 mm tubes and a mechanical braking system, on the rear axle, with a 155 mm disc. The steering wheel has a diameter of 320 mm to help drivers make less effort when steering. Both the footrest and seat are adjustable to accommodate drivers of different heights. The BABY chassis mounts a Honda GX35 engine and weighs 43 kg in all.

One of the most competitive classes in the racing world, the MINI is aimed at drivers between the ages of 9 and 13. Praga has reserved the Monster EVO 3 model for this class. Developed from the experience of the racing team, this chassis is made of 28 mm diameter tubes and is fitted with the CIK-FIA approved MKB-V2 hydraulic braking system. The steering wheel has a diameter of 330 mm and is the M5 model produced by KG. The Monster EVO 3 chassis has aluminum wheels and pedals, also made of aluminum, adjustable to 8 positions in all. Two seat sizes are available: XXS and XS.

JUNIOR and SENIOR classes
The junior classes are dedicated to drivers aged between 11 and 15 while the senior classes include all drivers over the age of 14. For these two classes, Praga Karts makes 3 models available with relative variants. All models are available for the shifter classes (KZ1, KZ2 and similar) and the single-speed classes (OKJ, OK, ROTAX JUNIOR/SENIOR, DD2) and are fitted with the tested RBS.V2 braking system at the rear with 187 mm disc (optional 195 mm) and, in the shifter variants, the STR.V2 system at the front with 149 mm discs. The 330mm M5 R steering wheel and 506 fairings are manufactured by KG. In order to adapt to the different heights of the drivers, 6 seat sizes are available, and the aluminum pedals are adjustable to 8 positions.

Dragon EVO 2
The Praga Dragon EVO 2 has a chassis made of 30mm tubes. It is available in 3 different pitches: XS1 1045mm, XS3 1050mm and DD2 1055mm. The XS1 and XS3 versions are available in both configurations with RBS and STR braking systems.

Tacho EVO
The Praga Tacho EVO has a chassis with 30 mm tubes with a 32 mm front cross member and different geometry compared to the Dragon EVO 2 with more accentuated curves at the front. It is available in two different pitches: XS1 1050mm and DD2 1055mm. The XS1 version is available in two configurations, RBS and STR, for the braking system.

Invictus EVO
The Praga Invictus EVO is a kart with a chassis made with 32 mm tubes and a 30 mm front tube. The geometry of the front curves is different from previous models, which are gentler in this version. It is available in two different pitches: XS1 1050mm and DD2 1055mm. The XS1 version can have RBS and STR braking systems.

Dark EVO
The Praga Dark EVO is the entry level version – without CIK-FIA approval of the chassis dedicated to the senior and junior single-speed classes. It is made of 30 mm tubes and has a hydraulic braking system with a 195 mm floating and self-ventilating disc. It includes 5 sizes of F6 model seats, 320 mm FASTER steering wheel and CIK-FIA approved KG 506 fairings.

In regard to the rental line, Praga has two big families: Race Line and RTK.
The Race Line includes rental karts, but with a racing soul. The chassis has a clear racing derivation with 32 mm tubes and a racing braking system with a 195 mm self-ventilating disc. The Race Line consists in 3 distinct karts.

Race Line Light and Race Line Electric
Weighing just 119 kg (145 kg for the electric version) it is one of the lightest rental karts on the market. It has perimeter guards and the possibility of mounting roll-bars with belts for a high level of safety. Adjustable seat and pedals make it easy to adapt to drivers of different heights. Furthermore, maintenance is even easier thanks to the possibility of being able to change the tyres without having to remove the perimeter guards while the fairings are dismantled by removing a few convenient clips. The petrol version has a Tillotson 350 engine while the electric version has an engine that reaches 19 HP.

Race Line Light MINI
The MINI version is designed for the youngest drivers. It keeps the same racing soul of the adult versions and has a chassis with 28 mm tubes. It can be equipped with Honda GX160 or Tillotson 212 engines.
The RTK family is composed of classic rental karts that are robust, safe and easy to maintain. The safety compartment includes a system of safety belts and roll-bars, double front shock absorption system and a modular bumper system to allow you to replace only the damaged parts without having to change the entire perimeter fairing. There are three models in this family, all with 33 mm tubes.

Available with Honda GX200/GX270/GX390 engines.

Version dedicated to the youngest drivers and powered by a Honda GX120 or GX160.

Two-seater version available with Honda GX200/GX270/GX390 engines.

Press Release © Praga Karts

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