Karting is the only pure form of motorsport, word of F1 drivers

Karting is the only pure form of motorsport, word of F1 drivers

Everyone remembers Lewis Hamilton‘s statements about how Formula 1 should go back to its roots: “The race should almost cause the drivers a physical breakdown, as if they were marathons. As it is now, you can get out of the car at the end of a GP with enough energy to do another two or three more races. Instead, I believe this is a sport for men.

Hamilton’s words are only an example of a series of criticisms that, for some time, drivers and professionals have pointed at the flaws that, according to them, afflict F1 and other top-level competitions. On the other hand, very few of them have proposed a solution or, at the very least, try to indicate viable alternatives more in line with their idea of motorsport.

One of the most interesting take is certainly that of Haas F1 driver Romain Grosjean who, when asked what he thought of today’s Formula 1, replied:

Recently, I had a go-kart race with friends: 125 cc with gear lever. Well, I was more tired than after a Formula 1 race! “.

The Frenchman then continued:

The reason? In a kart race you push 100% all the time, while in F1 we ​​save fuel and tires. In Barcelona we drove at 50% of the car’s potential. It’s true that, if races were like qualifying, our neck would not benefit, we would be tired and we would lose our focus. But constantly saving petrol and tires makes everything to easy

Even if the words “… in a kart race you push 100% all the time …” might make you think that Grosjean, long since away from karts, has partially lost the skills to manage this type of race, their meaning of what Grosjean said is clear: karting is still a discipline capable of testing the limits and driving skills of any athlete, even a driver who has been racing in F1 for years at the highest levels.

It is no coincidence, in fact, that many professional drivers choose the kart to stay in shape, proving how this method has not yet been completely replaced by simulator sessions.

All fans still remember well the wonderful karting career of Max Verstappen, who soon proved to be one of the brightest talents once he arrived in Formula 1. No one can forget the visceral passion for this sport by Robert Kubica or Michael Schumacher as well: two drivers who, even once they became successful and well-known, have never really abandoned karting. But, as you can see below, the list of drivers still tied to this sport is very long.

But the list of drivers still tied to this sport is very long. In fact, so far we have had the opportunity to write on TKART Magazine how not only George Russell and Sebastian Vettel have returned to driving a kart: Charles Leclerc also “went beck the roots” just before starting his adventure in Ferrari, as well as Alexander Albon and Robert Kubica himself.