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TKART magazine Editorial | Duilio Truffo: in a kart, up to a step from the dream
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07 June 2020

Duilio Truffo is not a famous name like that his other former karting colleagues, yet he too is part of that group of drivers who, when they were younger, experienced the beginnings of the karting craze, contributing to its growth and reaching the heights of this motorsport.

Well, at least getting close to it since Truffo, despite his excellent ability displayed in the many karting categories, from the formula categories to closed wheel vehicles, he has never tasted the Formula 1 thrill. This does not take away anything from his remarkable and incredible real-life story made of that “hunger” for speed which unites kart drivers throughout the history of the motorsport and the common traits they all have.


“Ever since I was a child I have been drawn to speed – he says. Even on a bicycle it was a continuous skidding that wore out the tires. It was my way to let off steam. Then I discovered karting, actually it used to be that instead of going to school, so my first step was I went to try rental karts. When my father took me to Albenga, where a city circuit was raced, I insisted on going for a ride. My father, of course, did not want me to, thinking that I was not capable of driving my dream…karting. When he finally gave in and let me give it a chance and drive, he was amazed. Even the winner of the race noticed me, he was impressed and wanted me to try driving his race kart. I did well with that too and my dad convinced himself to buy me a kart”. The confirmation of what they had witnessed came to them immediately. “First race won as well as the second one. I did not do very well at school, I did not like studying and that was a source of friction with my dad. In karting, however, I found something that I was good at, something in which I could claim as my own and it changed my life forever. At first, I raced with my brother, even though he was ten years older than me. We used the same kart. I installed the 25-kilo seat and then, after the race, he disassembled it, mounted his own seat and then raced the same kart. Only once, in a city circuit in Sondrio, we both registered in both categories. The result was he won mine and I won his! That was the first time that that I raced against other drivers like Oscar Sala and all the big names in karting”. Some of the most intense memories, however, are related to the experiences in endurance racing. “Exhausting! I remember a 24-hour race in Brignoles [France] which was run with 100cc engines. There were three of us and we were doing 40-minute shifts each. Basically, it was only my brother and I who raced, because the third driver was the mechanic, and at one point he got injured.

This driver born in 1945, started racing karts in 1963 while achieving 7 victories in his first year and 11 incredible victories in his second year. In 1966 he joined the Squadra Azzurra (National Team) and made his debut in international karting where he achieved a European title.

1963, Barcelona city circuit. Truffo started from the 60th spot and finished in 4th. With the number 31, Guido Sala.
Truffo with Susanna Raganelli and Oscar Sala.
Mugello 1981, for a test with the Ferrari 512 BB LM in view of the Le Mans 24-hour race.
After karts, Truffo raced in Formula Monza Formula 2 Endurance race, in Turismo and Rally.
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