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TKART magazine Editorial | Memorable accidents Forè & Piccini - 1999 World Championship in Carole
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Luca Basso
27 February 2022

Karting races can be decided in very different ways. Immediately after the start, with a driver breaking away. At the photo finish, on the finish line. With an impossible overtaking, which defies the laws of physics. Or with an accident. In this special variant, which we call "Memorable accidents", in our "Editorial" column, we recount and re-analyse, in retrospect and with the protagonists, the latter case. It is the turn of Davide Forè and Alessandro Piccini and their 1999 World Cup in Carole. Here's how it went.


Buckle up and take a step back over 20 years with us, with an imaginary time machine. The date: 29 August 1999. The place: France. Near the immense Paris "Charles de Gaulle" airport there is a small 2,055-metre circuit reserved for motorbikes which was lent to karts for the occasion. The circuit itself was illegal. Well, this is not absolutely true, it would be today, given that the FIA ​​Karting regulations impose a distance of 1,699 metres as the maximum length for approved tracks (such as the Zuera, so to speak). But at the time there were no such problems and therefore Carole, this is the name of the circuit, organised a race for us on that date. The race: the world championship reserved for Formula C. What is Formula C? The most powerful 125cc karts (with gears) in the hands of the fastest and most experienced drivers. This is Formula C, in the present day we call it KZ. And in fact, the entry list is one that made people take a step back at the time, let alone if you reread it today with hindsight, in light of what those names have achieved inside and outside karting in the subsequent years of their careers: Ronnie Quintarelli, Vitantonio Liuzzi, Danilo Rossi, Francesco Laudato, Sauro Cesetti, Ennio Gandolfi, Andrea Belicchi… But the drivers who were to leave an indelible mark on this race, at least on a par with the winner, were two others: Davide and Alessandro. Forè and Piccini.

Born in 1964, Alessandro Piccini was one of the great stars of the last 4 decades of karting. Winner of 4 world titles, he stopped racing at the age of 50. Today he follows his son Alessio, who is also a driver.
Born in 1974, Davide Forè has been racing for over 20 years in the most prestigious stages of international karting. A 4 times world champion, in the present day he also takes on the role of driver coach.
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