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TKART magazine Editorial | Are kart races with engines handed out by drawing lots (without tuners) a good or bad thing?
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08 April 2021

On Sunday 28 March 2021, on the Franciacorta Karting Track circuit, for the first time in its history, the ROK Cup Italy made the participants of the MINI class race with engines that were handed out by drawing lots. One of our readers who wishes to remain anonymous, father of one of the participating drivers, sent us this letter in which he expresses a clear opinion on this way of doing karting. And it will give people something to talk about… Especially tuners


The decision by Vortex, manufacturer of ROK engines, to propose, for the 2021 championship, the handing out of engines by drawing lots in the entry class to their single-brand, the MINI ROK, has generated interest. With a cool head, with the event just finished, I can only see the great success of this format, which has resulted in roughly the same number of participants as last year (22) and is presumably destined to increase in view of the second event. The exceptional parity of engine performance has really highlighted the real abilities of the young drivers, who in race 2 practically all remained close together, for the entire duration of the competition, with a difference of less than 6 seconds (which could have been even less if a couple of spins had not wreaked havoc on the group). A very different situation compared to that of last year in which, in the MINI ROK, we witnessed, several times, drivers recovering from the rear at a decidedly embarrassing speed, with an acceleration that was not exactly "within the rules". Let’s be clear, as far as I can remember nobody was sanctioned or disqualified after the checks, so all the engines were regular. However, it is necessary to understand how it is possible that in a single-brand championship, in which there is practically nothing to adjust except the carburetion, we arrive at such differences in performance, which certainly cannot be justified by a leaner float valve needle or the position of the needle. I, as the father of a rookie child, just cannot understand it. Listening to the voices of the experts and participants, I got the idea that there has been, in recent years, a "cops and robbers" type game, where the tuners tried to circumvent the technical regulations with more and more sophisticated, but completely legitimate expedients, and once "caught", they found new ones. Let's say that this modus operandi started at the same time as Motorsport, and perhaps it is part of the very essence of Motorsport.

The race to which the father who wrote this letter refers to is the one that took place on Sunday 28 March 2021 at the Franciacorta Karting Track circuit, in Italy. in the photo you can see the final rankings of the two-way race, to which the anonymous reader refers.

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