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TKART magazine Editorial | The teams Waltz: in karting, does changing team solve problems or create them?
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The teams Waltz
(continuing to) change teams, problems, does it solve them or create them?

Yanek Sterzel
10 July 2022

In karting, especially in the junior and mini classes, is winning really the only thing that matters? For some time now we have been asking ourselves this question, triggered by an increasingly marked trend in the paddock of international races (FIA Karting and WSK, to be clear): the sudden leap from one team to another, even several times in the same season. Because when the results do not arrive, one solution is to change team, mechanics, material… But is it the right decision? We reflect on this in this article. With the hope that those who read it can also bring their own experience by leaving a message at the end of this article, in the "Contributions" section.


We live in a time of "everything immediately". Just a click and the shoes knock on the front door. The start-up is established, promises astronomical results, is sold and the inventor finds himself to be a millionaire. Verstappen, to come to terms with us, motorsport, stopped with karts, got into cars and 12 months later was in F1. It does not matter how and why these events, that are so disparate, happen. What matters, fascinates, interests is passing from desire to fulfilment of the same with a snap of the fingers.
It is a process we are used to and which we consider normal, starting with the smallest things: I want-click-pay-get. Wow!
The problem is that this logic has also arrived in sport, especially in motorsport and therefore also in karting. I say so, because if your child plays football, but never scores or never manages to stop even half an opponent, you can also call the coach stupid "again and again", repeatedly insult teammates who do not pass the ball to him and you can even get him to change clubs ... But in the end you will put your heart in peace and you will realise that what you brought into the world, with a ball at his feet, is useless.
In karting, on the other hand, this mental process is slow to arrive and sometimes it never arrives.

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