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TKART magazine Editorial | Logan Sargeant, the F1 Rookie, former karting World Champion
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Mattia Livraghi
11 April 2023 • 6 min. read

When Williams Racing announced his name as official driver for the 2023 season, many reacted with a spontaneous, “And who is he?”. Not us at TKART, who turned to the person in karting who probably knew him best and is going to tell us us about him today: Ricky Flynn, the founder and owner of the Ricky Flynn Motorsport team. In fact, he won a World Championship with the young American, bringing the title back to the United States after 37 years. Here is his memory of that race


It is the 27th of September 2015 and, on a hot Sunday reminiscent of the summer that just ended, the La Conca kart track hosts the most anticipated event of the season as far as Direct Drive categories are concerned: the CIK-FIA World Championship. The finals of the KFJ (the 125 cc Junior class, later replaced by the current OKJ) sees a young American from the Ricky Flynn Motorsport team in the pole position. His name is Logan Sargeant and everyone’s eyes are on him: “He was definitely among the five favorites to win, even before we got to the race”, Ricky Flynn, his team manager at the time, tells us. “Two weeks before that event, along with One Engines, our Danish engine specialist, we had carried out a three-day testing session to best prepare ourselves and deliver to him, as well as to all of our other drivers, an excellent package. Logan too, however, was as good as us. He had physically prepared himself and was also in an excellent mental condition, precisely because he knew he had been provided with a excellent package that could enable him to compete at the very top”. Sergeant shows a particular predisposition for the Italian track: “That year – says Lynn – Logan had been very fast everywhere, yet on that track he was able to provide multiple incredible performances, ever since he made his debut there in the MINI category. This, combined with his exceptional condition, allowed him to approach that World Championship with an even greater awareness”.

An American born in 2000, Logan Sargeant makes his first appearance on the international karting stage in 2012. Immediately competitive, he collects several victories and in 2015 becomes World Champion in the KFJ category. Following a remarkable season in the OK category (the premier class of single-speed karting), he moves to single-seaters at the end of 2016 and after performing very well in various other categories, makes his debut in F1 in 2023 behind the wheel of Williams.
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