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TKART magazine Editorial | Matteo Bobbi: “Guys, race a lot in karts”
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27 May 2020

If you were born with a dad who was a driver manager, the home decorations are the helmets of Tarquini, Montermini, Schumacher, Papis, Trulli and Moreno, and those same drivers, some more and some less, “have all held you in their arms as a child”, it is easy to think that your destiny is sealed. Then, when already at 6-7 years old you find yourself in Japan or Brazil to follow the Formula 1 Grand Prix from the pits, you quickly realize that you will never be free from the dependence on engines again.

Yet, despite all this, Matteo Bobbi born in Milan in 1978, to be able to hold a steering wheel in his own hands had to engage in a work of persuasion towards his dad. “He had a kart 135 which he drove in Castelletto Ticino.


I kept asking him to let me try it. In the end, perhaps with the intent of discouraging me, he put me in it when I was 7 years old. I remember that with the accelerator pressed halfway down, my head was pulled back on the straight stretch. Yet, this excited me even more. So, dad was forced to give in by buying a Lupetto by Kali Kart with a 60-cc engine suitable for an 8-year-old kid. I was driving like crazy and soon I got used to drive the 135 as well. For the first race, though, I had to wait until I turned 12. Maybe that is why I did not have a long karting career”. It was Papis, a driver followed by his dad, who directed Matteo towards the team of Diego Mombelli. “I was driving a PCR 100 Junior kart and I participated mostly in regional races. The first one was in Viverone where I finished second in qualifying and during the race, when I was in the lead, I let my teammate who was going for the Championship pass me. From there, I did more and more races and we also tried the Italian Championship, but we were not properly equipped. Maybe the mistake was not going to an official team, which was the only way to be competitive at those levels. At most I was semi-official for Gold, a young and brand-new team”. Any regrets? “With hindsight, I probably would have needed kart racing at the higher levels. Let me clarify, I am very satisfied with what I did because being able to make your passion into a job is still a great accomplishment, but I think I could have won more if not for my impetuosity in the early years at the wheel. Racing more in karting would have helped me achieve it much earlier”.

Born in Milan, Italy in 1978, he raced in karting and was a test driver for Minardi Formula 1. His career, however, is linked to his accomplishments in the GT classes. Today, he is one of the commentators of Formula 1 races for SKY Sports.

Matteo Bobbi behind the wheel of the Minardi F1 in 2002.
Bobbi during the times of karting.
At the 2009 Edition of the Le Mans 24 Hour race, behind the wheel of the Lola lined up by team Racing Box.
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