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TKART magazine Editorial | Dr. Ceccarelli reveals the secrets of the Mental Economy Gym®: what it is and how it can change your life as a kart driver
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Riccardo Ceccarelli
the secrets of the Mental Economy Gym®: what it is and how it can change your life as a kart driver

Jacopo Colombo
24 July 2021

It is the apple in the eye of Formula Medicine (a facility dedicated to the physical and mental training of drivers, including kart drivers): a gym that is unique and super technological, dedicated to the training of the mind, Mental Economy Training®. But does it really work? Is it really useful to improve your performance on the track? Its creator and founder swears that it is, because it is based on the philosophy of the "Integrated Triad". Let's find out what this is in the words of Dr. Ceccarelli himself


To be competitive in karting, like any other sport, you need to train. The gym and the track are certainly fundamental, but the mental aspect should not be underestimated. Yes, it does not seem like it, but while driving even the brain struggles and consumes a lot of energy and, of course, the less it is trained, the faster it will get tired. The goal of the Mental Economy Gym® is to improve so-called "Neural Efficiency" i.e. the ability to perform even complex actions by activating the cortical areas of the brain as little as possible. This allows you to achieve higher performance that lasts longer while reducing the risk of making mistakes.

How can this be? Everything revolves around three fundamental concepts: mental plasticity, self-awareness and optimisation techniques. Difficult terms, which actually indicate aspects that are all in all simple to understand. Let's proceed in order.

Let’s consider the brain like any muscle: going to the gym and doing physical activity, the muscles become larger and performs better.

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