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TKART magazine Editorial | What's the point of such an FIA Karting World Championship?
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Yanek Sterzel
15 October 2023 • 4 min. read

The title of the most important karting competition of the season awarded in a single stage has shown all its limits and its inadequacy on the occasion of the 2023 edition, dedicated to Direct Drive karts


The FIA Karting World Championship 2023 has made us understand that something is probably wrong with the assignment of what is the most important title of the international karting season. Although the Franciacorta Karting Track circuit is an exciting track and, according to many drivers I have spoken to, really nice to race on, this last OK/OKJ world championship was not a good show. And I'm not referring to anything to do with organisation, quite the contrary! The Bonara family (whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years), owner of the circuit, has set in motion a formidable machine, an impeccable organisation. Well done.
What didn't work was experienced between the curbs, on the asphalt ribbon, especially during one of the two finals. I left the circuit on Sunday evening (unfortunately in the direction of Chiari hospital, to understand the condition of one of the participants who was a victim of an accident), with a bitter taste in my mouth. It doesn't happen often to me after a kart race. To be honest, it never happens to me. However, this time I had the feeling that I had not witnessed a good show. I refer above all to the final of the OK class. Accidents always happen, for heaven's sake, but finishing a race with 14 classified and 18 withdrawn is something truly anomalous and not good for the sport. Mind you, mine is absolutely not a criticism of someone or something, but only thinking "out loud" that I put in black and white just because this race deserves it and I believe it is fundamentally important to the sport we love.

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