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TKART magazine First Analysis | AiM MyChron5S, the data logger that detects… Everything!
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Jacopo Colombo
18 May 2022
On the market since 2020, this is the latest frontier of data logging. With its numerous expansions (which detect, among other things, the steering angle, position of the brake and accelerator pedals, the temperature of the tyres ...) and the video camera (which allows you to review the onboards combined with the data detected thanks to the proprietary Race Studio 3 software) it is certainly one of the most valid products in its sector

The body of the MyChron5S is made of nylon reinforced with glass fiber: the latter element confers rigidity, high mechanical strength and the ability to withstand situations of constant effort (the so-called "creep"). The [1] LCD display is made of scratch-resistant, anti-reflective polycarbonate. As for the information that can be displayed, AiM offers two pre-set pages that allow the reading of: engine revolutions, lap time, temperatures and speed (measured by GPS). Up to four customisable pages can then be configured by inserting the bar indicating the engine revolutions and four other measurements to be chosen from those that can be acquired by the instrument: water or exhaust gas temperatures, speed, lap number, lap time, battery charge status and connected satellites. It is also possible to customise the backlighting of the MyChron5S screen, choosing from the 8 available colours: white, light blue, green, orange, red, purple, magenta or blue. The brightness, on the other hand, is automatically adjusted thanks to the [2] ambient light sensor (positioned between the "Menu" and "Off" keys), which increases or decreases the backlight, always ensuring optimal readability of the information on the monitor in conditions of low or excessive brightness. The driver's interaction with the various screens is possible thanks to the [3] four physical metal buttons on the sides of the display, each of which has specific functions, such as opening the various menus or moving from one page to another. There are seven LEDs above the display: [4] five control units that can be configured as engine rpm indicators or as indicators of improvement or worsening of the current lap time compared to the predictive time calculated by the GPS; [5] two more lateral alarms, that can also be customised, which indicate when the temperatures (water and exhaust gases, based on the probes installed) reach the maximum or minimum accepted peaks. This product has a rechargeable lithium battery which is also removable, therefore easy to replace in case of failure or in case you want to use an already recharged battery instead of a flat one. Recharging can be done through [6] the special battery charger to which the battery is magnetically attached, once removed from the body of the Mychron. Full charging takes between 3 and 4 hours. Alternatively, the dashboard can be connected directly to the kart battery through [7] the power cable to be inserted into the EXP port at the back. Furthermore, the MyChron5S has an internal 4 GB MMC memory that allows you to store all the information collected on the track, relating to the last 50 tests performed and stored. Two versions of the AiM instrument are available: the "basic" one allows you to connect a single temperature probe, choosing between [8] a probe for water and [9] for exhaust gases. On the other hand, the version called "2T" (which differs in software and hardware) allows the connection of both via a cable that splits at the end that connects the respective probes, but which is connected to MyChron5S through [10] a single port positioned on the back of the instrument, indicated with TEMP. There are also two other inputs for as many pins: [11] the one that allows the detection of the number of revolutions (which can also be used to detect the rotation speed of the crankshaft, in some modes) positioned in the centre and indicated with "LAP" and the one for connection to the power supply or to the various expansions available (the [12] EXP/PC port), which we will discuss later. The difference between the two models is also noticeable in terms of cost, which is around 483 Euros for the “basic” version, while it reaches around 541 Euros for the “2T”. Upon purchase, for both models, the box contains the dashboard, battery charger with cable and the sensor for the chosen temperature.

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