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TKART magazine First Analysis | Sparco K-TRACK Protector: the rib protector - flexible - FIA approved
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Sparco K-TRACK Protector: the rib protector - flexible - FIA approved

Jacopo Colombo
27 July 2022 • 6 min. read
The historic Italian company follows a path that goes against the trend compared to its competitors: less rigid structural elements (therefore no fiberglass, carbon or polycarbonate) to try to achieve maximum comfort. Did they succeed?
K-Track Protector is the first rib protector in the Sparco range to be FIA 88701-2018 approved. The technical regulation (which we discussed in the article “Technique - FIA approval 88070-2018, for kart rib protectors”) has revolutionized the world of these protective devices, establishing precise manufacturing rules and requiring the execution of severe crash tests. It was at the end of 2020 that the idea of producing a rib protector made in accordance with the new regulations took hold within the corporate walls of Sparco. However, it was starting from 2021, following numerous tests on a dozen prototypes and materials and thanks to the contribution provided by five professional drivers, that the project underwent a clear acceleration towards the definition of the current concept and structure. The K-Track Protector is a product that is substantially seamless at a structural level, therefore without rigid articulation points. In fact, it basically consists of only two parts made of semi-flexible materials.
This approach is in contrast with what has been done by other manufacturers (except for Tillet) up to now. They have created products composed of four distinct elements connected to each other (chest protection, right side shell, left side shell and back protection) and they have used particularly rigid materials (fiberglass, carbon fibre or polycarbonate). The reasons for this choice, according to Sparco? To supply a product that can easily adapt to both the driver's body and the kart's seat, offering an adequate level of comfort, while managing to pass the crash tests imposed by the regulations.
Seven sizes are available (three for children and four for adults), with the possibility of choosing between two standard colours: red-black and white-black. Whatever the choice of size or colour, the price of the K-Track Protector is 299.00 Wuros (excluding Italian VAT).
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