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TKART magazine First Analysis | Starlane Corsaro II Pro: data acquisition for wireless karts
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Jacopo Colombo
17 July 2022
On the market since 2015, it is a very simple data acquisition system, with a fully touch screen and capable of detecting data via wireless sensors.

Corsaro II Pro is made of glass-filled nylon, with a three-inch central display, with a fully touch screen. The materials used for the body give the product great mechanical strength and endurance to stressful situations, giving it a remarkable rigidity. Instead, as for the screen, it is a transflective colour TFT, backlit, which ensures an optimal view of the data in all conditions. Its peculiarity, in addition to the transflective technology (which allows you to use the external light to give visibility to the graphics on the screen, without using energy from the battery), is the fact that it is, as mentioned, a touch screen, which also works with gloves on, allowing you to switch from one screen to another (16 different pre-set models are available in the memory) simply by swiping with your finger, without having to use specific buttons. Corsaro Pro II only has [1] one buttom, made of silicone, to turn the device on or off, as well as unlocking the screen.
The body of the product has three multicoloured LED lights, two positioned above the display and one on the right. Their functions are different: the [2] two at the top serve as flashes for how far you go over-rev, but they can also be set as alarms for too low or too high engine and water temperatures. [3] The one on the right, on the other hand, indicated with the wording "BEST", indicates the improvement or worsening of your lap time compared to the previous lap or section (if on with a fixed light) and flashes when you make your best lap (or section) of the session.
At the rear, the dashboard is very simple, so much so that only the attachment point on the steering wheel is present [4], which takes place via [5] a support with an M6 thread.
The device can be powered in two ways: Corsaro II Pro has an internal lipo battery (rechargeable via [6] its charger), but it can be connected, using the specific cables, directly to the kart's 12V battery. The use of the internal battery ensures power for about 3 and a half hours, with the backlight of the screen off. The complete charging time of the device is approximately one and a half hours. In addition to the battery, Corsaro II Pro has an internal memory, capable of storing up to 999 laps or 99 sessions and which cyclically erases the oldest data, always creating the necessary space for the most recent ones.
The main novelty introduced with Corsaro II Pro is undoubtedly the wireless module technology: it regards having independent modules capable of detecting the values collected by the various analog sensors and sending them via bluetooth to the dashboard mounted on the steering wheel, which allows them to be viewed. and subsequent analysis via App. This particular system therefore allows you to avoid the use of cables that connect the data collection system to the engine (avoiding having cables on the steering wheel), with a consequent saving in weight, product installation times, as well as a gain in terms of reliability, given the non-use of wires that could get damaged and break while on the track.
Corsaro II Pro also has the particularity of mounting SDGS anti-vibration technology, consisting of a mechanical solution that has all the electronic part of the dashboard fastened on the front of the body, which is joined to the rear part by means of a special anti-vibration silicone gasket. In this way, the electronic components are perfectly isolated from vibrations and stresses that could damage them.
Starlane put Corsaro II Pro on the market in 2015. The price is currently 639 Euros (excluding VAT), and the kart package contains the dashboard, the [7] WID-D wireless module for collecting engine signals, the RPM sensor and [8] the water temperature sensor (including the sleeve to connect it to the radiator hose). In addition to the water sensor, it is possible to purchase the sensor for the temperature of the exhaust gases. There is a version of Corsaro II, called [9] Corsaro II R, with monochrome LCD screen, costing 480 Euros (excluding VAT).

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