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TKART magazine How To | Tricks and tips to protect yourself from... "bad luck" in karting
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03 May 2018
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Details make the difference. It might be a somewhat overused saying, but it is undeniably true in karting. That’s because the mechanical side is as basic as possible and only includes that which is strictly necessary; because performance is very close and leaves no room for error; because an apparently minor setback can affect an entire weekend. So, perhaps during a race in which everything seems to be going smoothly, an unexpected episode can change the situation and spoil all the hard work. It’s usually called "bad luck". However, that’s only partly true, because with a little more care and a few little tricks, you can avoid several "unfortunate" setbacks, and understand that, sometimes, rather than the preparation of the engine, it is a tape or a clip that cost a fraction of a Euro that make the difference.
Sometimes, accidents or failures out on the track are caused by bad luck. However, with a little extra care and a few little tricks, even "bad luck" can be kept at a distance
The carburetor and accelerator are connected by a thin cable and its sheath: the latter only has to slip a bit and leave its seat to stop it from working properly, causing issues to itself and the carburetor. To avoid this, just slip the sheath through a small segment (about 2 cm long) of the fuel pipe, both on the side of the seat attached to the chassis and on the end that goes to the carburetor: the sheath will then be firmly attached and it will be difficult for it to lose its correct position.
A piece of fuel pipe can hold the accelerator cable in the correct position
A piece of fuel pipe can hold the accelerator cable in the correct position
Haste, as is known, can lead to bad mistakes, especially in the seemingly more straightforward and routine tasks. Such as tightening the radiator cap: you just need to be a bit late accessing the parc fermè before the race, tighten the cap quickly and... watch it come off as soon as there’s a little bit of pressure. The solution is as simple as it is effective: keep some adhesive tape handy and use it to cover the cap, even when the kart is still on the starting grid.
Simple adhesive tape to hold the radiator cap in place
As everyone knows, if by accident or, perhaps, thanks to a stray elbow (given the proximity between the driver’s right arm and the engine) the spark plug cap is removed... the kart has to be pushed to the side of the track. We recommend securing the cap to the spark plug using adhesive tape. Moreover, since the spark plug cable is also not attached to the cap, we recommend using a tie to tighten it so that it does not come off. Not even if inadvertently struck by a stray elbow.
Tie and adhesive tape to secure the spark plug cable and cap
In this case, more than safety, it’s a matter of comfort: indeed, the springs that attach the muffler are rather stiff. They are much less so if you use two ties to form "rings" that allow you to pull the springs and hook them quickly. The added benefit is that you will avoid getting burnt, since the ties are insulated from the high temperatures of the mufflers and the springs.
If you want to be sure that the muffler stays in place, you can also add a metal clip with fixing screw.
Two ties around the muffler springs allow you to pull them easily, without getting burnt
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