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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 accessories for kart engine exhausts
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Max Bernardi
21 February 2021
It is a component that not much attention is paid to, but it is very important for optimising engine performance: we are talking about the exhaust. We have selected a series of cheap accessories that are a must have for every driver's kart to improve the exhaust’s assembly and performance.


Some types of single-speed engines have a flexible stainless-steel tube between the exhaust and the exhaust manifold that allows the lengthening or shortening of the exhaust overall. Shortening the length gives a more performing engine at high revs; a longer exhaust, on the other hand, lowers the rpm in which maximum power is obtained. The disadvantage of this system is the possible loss of exhaust gases from the joints between the exhaust manifold, the flexible tube and the exhaust, with a consequent decrease in performance. The solution to the problem is a flexible silicon protection: an elastic band with very high thermal resistance that covers the flexible tube and retains the exhaust gases, improving the efficiency of the exhaust as well as eliminating possible stains on overalls caused by the discharge of excess oil from the exhaust.

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