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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 "special" engine plates for Direct Drive karts
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Gianluca Covini
20 December 2023 • 4 min. read

In Shifter karts, the engine plate is usually supplied, together with the engine, by the manufacturer of the engine and it has a complex and delicate function, because it must act as a union between the "thermal" part and the transmission (to learn more, read "Technique | Kart engine plates"). In the Direct Drive classes, on the other hand, replacing this element with aftermarket products is a fairly common practice. Why? Usually the goal is to reduce the weight of the powertrain or simplify the management of certain kart management activities (such as adjustments to the position of the engine following a change in the ratio). We selected four plates to give you an overview of the market for these products... Particulars, each with its own peculiarity compared to the "standard" ones. 

N.B. Do you think there are other products that can be added to this selection? Don't hesitate to share them with other TKART users in the "Contributions" section at the end of the article. The community will be grateful to you!


Magnesium engine plate

Magnesium plates are lighter than aluminium plates and allow you to save a few kilos on the scales, a quality that is certainly not secondary and should not be underestimated in karting. In addition, they have a greater ability to absorb vibrations, since magnesium is a less dense material than aluminium. Reducing vibrations allows the engine to be more efficient and performing overall, but not only: vibrations, in fact, can be the cause of greater wear of the moving parts of the engine and, even, breakdowns (to learn more about the differences between magnesium and aluminium, read "True or False | 6 quizzes on magnesium and aluminium components for karts"). The angled magnesium engine plate that we mention weighs 500 gr (without U-bolts) and has 8 fastening holes, so it adapts to practically all possible wheelbases for single-speed karts (except the 90 mm x 65 mm). It is available for chassis with 30 or 32 mm diameter tubes.

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