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TKART magazine Must Have | 5 accessories to share the kart with friends or children and quickly adjust the driving position to everyone’s needs
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Giacomo Mantovani
17 May 2024 • 5 min. read

Sharing a Racing kart with friends (or your children), is a fairly common occurrence among kart drivers. Why? Simple: you have fun together and – not as a secondary aspect – you share (and therefore reduce) the costs you individually incur for the management of the kart itself. The Racing kart driver’s seat, however, is neither like that of a Rental kart nor, let alone, like that of a regular car. Here there are no seats, steering wheels or pedals to adjust to meet everyone’s physical needs. Therefore, either you find a sports partner of the same body build, or you must equip the kart with accessories that allow you to quickly adapt the driver’s seat to the different physiques of those who will be behind the wheel. We have selected 5 of them. Here they are!

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Removable seat pads

Generally used to reduce the stress that the seat exerts on the driver’s torso, removable kart seat pads offer a versatile solution for customizing the seating of your shared chassis. In fact, they allow you to modify both the shape and the internal dimensions of the seat at different points. In this way, the torso is guaranteed the correct level of contact and support, which are essential for precise driving and reduced fatigue. For this very reason, they are available on the market in different formats. They are attached to the seat with Velcro®, making them easy to put on and take off, while allowing quick adjustments between sessions. Removable pads are the perfect solution if you share the kart with a person of a similar build to yours, as they are generally not very thick (generally 5 to 10 mm). However, they are not useful for resolving large differences in build or height differences (in the following slides, we will show you ad-hoc solutions for this). The Velcro® strips required for attachment and repositioning, generally have a very strong and therefore durable layer of adhesive, provided that the initial attachment is done correctly, with a well degreased seat surface and by meticulously adhering each portion of the adhesive. 

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