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TKART magazine Must Have | 6 essential tools for the in-depth checking of a kart engine
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Gianluca Covini
25 May 2023 • 6 min. read
Proper engine maintenance is never easy. In fact, to be able to carry out the most in-depth checks (such as checking the timing or measuring the cylinder bore) as well as expert hands, or possibly the right advice, such as the advice you can find in the "Dr. TKART" section of the Magazine, you have to have specific equipment. This regards equipment that comes in very different price ranges, ranging from ten to over a thousand Euros, so basically, in many cases this will involve a significant outlay. In this "Must Have" we list the tools that should be the basic kit for anyone who wants to personally check the "health" of their kart's engine, whether it is a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke engine.

N.B. The measurement instruments proposed are for professional use. Therefore, a calibration certificate must also be supplied with their purchase. This certificate has a deadline, beyond which it is advisable to contact a calibration laboratory, to recalibrate the instrument and be certain that the measurements provided are always correct.


The bore gauge is a precision measurement instrument used to determine the cylinder bore (i.e. its internal diameter, into which the piston slides), along its entire length and on several planes (i.e. at different heights of the cylinder). Knowing the bore is essential to match the correct size of piston and piston rings, as well as to check that it falls within the tolerance parameters imposed by the regulations (for more information read, "Dr. Tkart | Measuring the tolerances between piston and cylinder"). The bore gauge is supplied together with a centesimal comparator (it is advisable to always check that it is included) and works with a lever system which connects the axial movement of the comparator rod to the perpendicular movement of two feelers, elements which come into contact with the walls of the cylinder. All bore gauges include different types of extensions and spacers, in order to cover the various ranges of diameters. The proposed model allows for the measurement of bores from 30 to 100 mm and is supplied together with a digital centesimal comparator. .

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