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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 specific electric motors for kart racing
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02 March 2023 • 6 min. read
In the world of kart racing, the electric sector is still a market niche. Yet there are more and more companies, renowned brands and others that are less known, that are specialised in this segment, who allocate part (or in some cases all) of their investments for the development of electric propulsion engines capable of competing in terms of performance with those of internal combustion engines. The reason? These units require less maintenance, lower operational costs and ensure above all… Zero emissions! There are the inevitable "cons", but this will not be the place to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of one type of engine over another. In fact, we have simply scanned the electric market to understand which are the most widely available and specially designed products for karting. What we have discovered is that it is a sector in full evolution, in which the prices of electric propulsion systems are on average higher than their hydrocarbon-powered counterparts and where different realities coexist: some focused on the sale of their products and others, instead, focused on the promotion of electric competitions, which, for a registration fee by kart drivers, make their electric racing karts available.

N.B. As always, we are also waiting for the intervention of the TKART community which, through the "contributions" at the end of the article, can enrich this selection of electric engines for racing karts.


We have spoken in depth several times about the LK-Electric by Lenzokart line in our Magazine (to find out more read, "First Analysis | Cayman LK-Electric m.y.'23: a real racing MINI by Lenzokart, but with an electric propulsion" and "Under Review: LK-Electric, the electric kart by LenzoKart"). The undisputed star of the Italian brand's electric propulsion MINI karts is the power unit, available in three different powers (850 W, 1,250 W and 1,500 W). This engine, which is air-cooled and waterproof, is powered by a 27.5 Ah (Ampere-hour) battery (a lithium-ion accumulator) and ensures, thanks to the BLDC (Brushless Synchronous Alternating Current) architecture, maximum performance for approximately 45 minutes. The engine, which in the 1,250 W configuration weighs around 11 kg (excluding the battery), has a control unit that allows you to control its performance remotely, using a special remote control. Using Android devices with a "LK-Electric" app, the data of the running engine can be collected and downloaded. Another strong point? Lenzokart allows kart drivers to purchase both the MINI kart complete with engine in the electric configuration and the power unit alone, to be installed on any MINI chassis, in a single package. At the time of writing this article, the manufacturer has only announced the price of the 1,250 W engine, 2,250 Euros (excluding VAT).

Indicative price

About 2.250 euro (VAT excluded) for the 1.250 W engine

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