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TKART magazine Must Have | 5 types of gear wheels for single-speed karts
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Gianluca Covini
03 March 2022
The gear wheel is one of the most purchased components by kart drivers and not just because it is subject to high wear: In fact, it allows the variation of the transmission ratio and it is therefore a must to have more than one with you every day on the track. It is often the "weak link" of the transmission (for further information read "Technique - The transmission of karts") and it is therefore necessary to pay particular attention to it, constantly checking its wear. In single-speed karts, depending on the chain it is combined with, it can have a pitch of 215 or 219, but there are also gear wheels with a pitch of 35, even if they are less used. In addition to the more traditional gear wheels made of Ergal, there are some more particular gear wheels on the market, in terms of shape, design and materials, that we are going to find out about in this article.


Those in Ergal are the classic gear wheels that can be installed on all single-speed karts, from MINI to OK/OKJ, as well as the various X30, Rotax and ROK engines. They are available with apitch of 215 and 219 as well as with a wide range of teeth, from 64 up to 95.
These gear wheels are subjected to a surface anodizing treatment that gives the classic "gold" colour, with only aesthetic purposes and protection from atmospheric agents, sincethis does not increase resistance to wear and abrasion.
They are cheap, but more frequent replacement due to wear must be taken into account.

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