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TKART magazine Must Have | 4 accessories to improve the fuel system of your Shifter kart
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Giacomo Mantovani
20 February 2024 • 4 min. read

If you own a Shifter kart, which can have higher fuel consumption than other categories, you know that optimal mixture management is a key factor in optimizing performance. In this sense, by improving your kart's fuel circuit with a few tricks, you can gain a huge advantage, both in performance and in the management of the material at your disposal. In the article "Must Have | 4 products (for less than 15 euros in all!) to improve your kart's fuel system," we pointed you to generic products to fulfill this goal. As you read on, however, you will find 4 accessories specific to the needs of your gear kart.

N.B. Do you think there are other products that can be added to this selection? Don't hesitate to share them with other TKART users in the "Contributions" section at the end of the article. The community will be grateful to you!


Gasoline compensation tank

In shifter karts, the gasoline compensation tank is often an overlooked item by amateur drivers. Actually installing this component on the fuel return line to the tank will allow you to improve, in one fell swoop, both the responsiveness of your powertrain and its overall efficiency. Why. The compensation tank has a direct impact on fuel pressure stability, a critical factor in engine performance. During intense acceleration and cornering, in fact, sudden changes in fuel level in the carburetor bowl can negatively affect engine response. This is where this small reservoir comes in, which, thanks to the small amount of fuel it can store, ensures a more even and constant supply to the carburetor bowl. Its role is most noticeable on long straights.

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About 23 euro

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Photo credit Galiffa-kart

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