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TKART magazine Must Have | How to improve the performance of your Shifter engine? 5 "tuning" products recommended by Galiffa kart
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Giacomo Mantovani
30 March 2024 • 6 min. read

If you own a Shifter engine, you know that pushing it to its maximum performance may not be enough to simply make setup adjustments. On the contrary, you may need to reach into your wallet to buy components that can guarantee a marked performance jump. But how to make sure that every euro spent is a correct investment? The key is to rely on real experts in the field, with proven experience and an unquestionable track record of international victories. For this reason, we asked Galiffa Kart, one of the most successful Shifter kart engine tuners (his, among others, winning the 2022 FIA Karting World Championship in Le Mans with CRG), to tell us what the main accessories can be to improve the performance of your shifter engine. Some are components prepared specifically for TM Kart/TM Racing engines (such as KZ10C, KZ-R1 and KZ-R2 models), the Italian tuner's area of specialization. Others, however, are accessories that can be used on any Shifter powerplant with the aim of improving its carburation and facilitating thermal management.  We list Galiffa Kart's proposals in ascending order of price: the first product, while not directly improving the performance of your engine, will come in very handy to increase the life of its internal components and ensure better operation. How? Read on.

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3-way thermostatic valve

The use of a "3-way", thermostatic valve set at 48°C in the cooling circuit does not have a major impact on an engine's performance, but it offers significant technical benefits, optimizing overall engine performance and reliability. This component allows the engine to warm up more quickly in the first few laps you go out on the track (especially during winter, with weather conditions characterized by low temperatures) and allows you to more precisely manage the temperature of the powerplant itself, ensuring that it always operates within the ideal operating temperature range. The fact that it is "3-way", makes it possible to create a water circuit, alternative to the full circuit, which still allows water to flow through the engine and water pump, excluding only the radiator. This allows the volume of water in the engine to circulate by entering at the correct temperature (heat is removed from hotter areas such as the head and distributed to cooler areas, such as the crankcases). As the water temperature rises toward 48°C, the valve slowly opens the passage to the radiator, allowing the volume of cold liquid in the radiator to gradually begin circulating, thus mixing with the already partially heated water. In this way, the engine is not flooded with cold water abruptly, and this prevents deformation that could cause serious breakage. When the coolant reaches 48°, the valve closes access to the by-pass created with the pipe and tee fitting and diverts the entire flow to the radiator.

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About 48 euro

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