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TKART magazine Must Have | Solid wheels for a kart trolley
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Max Bernardi
15 April 2020
As all kart drivers know full-well, going out on the track without a kart trolley is a gamble not worth taking. Perhaps what not everyone knows is that the wheels of a trolley can also suffer unfortunate punctures, making it unusable. However, there’s a solution to every problem, both as regards a kart trolley, as well as for many other circumstances that, on or off the track, involve the daily life of a kart driver. Here are four accessories that can help in lots of circumstances. Starting with trolley wheels that are... puncture-proof.


A kart trolley is an essential element for any kart driver. However, it is also prone to issues: for example, one of the tyres could get a puncture. The problem is more common than one would think and, in itself, is not a drama, except for the fact that, until the tyre is replaced, it becomes impossible to use, even just to support the kart. There is a way to completely avoid the risk of getting a puncture: fit the trolley with solid tyres, without an inner tube. Reliability is thereby guaranteed.

Indicative price

37 euro

To buy: Righetti dealers.


Adjusting the convergence of a kart is a delicate operation, especially if you are not an expert. One of the fundamental aspects is to keep the steering wheel as straight as possible to allow exact measurements. Indeed, it’s easy for the steering wheel to rotate from one measurement to the next, causing incorrect data to be recorded. To eliminate the problem, you can use a steering column stop, a simple accessory with the sole purpose of locking the steering wheel in place, thereby impeding any movement.

Indicative price

Circa 30 euro

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