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TKART magazine Must Have | 5 tools for managing your kart's cooling system
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Jacopo Colombo
09 December 2023 • 4 min. read

Specific tools are required to be able to better manage the kart's liquid cooling system, ensuring that it is always in optimal condition, which will allow the correct installation of the radiator, tubes and water pump transmission, in order to fully enjoy your days on the track (minimizing the risk of incurring malfunctions or engine breakdowns). We offer you 5 (just don't expect a fifth!), some of which have been recommended to us by professional and international mechanics.

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The Cutter

In the kart driver's toolbox, the wire cutter is a tool that should never be missing, because it is fundamental in various activities. As far as the liquid cooling system of the kart is concerned, these will be useful both to cut the system’s tubes (silicone or rubber) in order to make them the right size for your needs and to easily cut the plastic clamps used to fix the pipes to the chassis (or, to remove the excess part of the clamps once they have been tightened).

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