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TKART magazine Must Have | How should a sticker kit be attached to a kart’s fairings? 5 instruments that will ensure "surgical" precision
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Giacomo Mantovani
21 June 2024 • 5 min. read

Although this is an activity carried out purely for aesthetic purposes, the attachment of adhesive kits on kart fairings requires scrupulous attention to detail. In this sense, to obtain optimal results (and avoid showing up on the track with lopsided fairings), it will be essential to have suitable tools, which will allow you to attach the stickers in a "surgical" manner without any type of imperfection. What are these tools? We offer you 5 that will ensure that the sticker kit you have purchased offers the highest levels of durability and that your kart looks impeccable, so you will look like a real pro.

Editor's Note
Along with the correct instrumentation, to optimally attach the sticker kit tp your fairings, it will also be essential to have specific products that will help you to clean the surfaces and to easily position the stickers. We indicate them in the “Must Have | 5 products (and 2 accessories) to apply your kart sticker kit like a real pro!

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Plastic spatula with felt edge

Having a plastic spatula with a felt rim is essential for anyone who wants to attach stickers with precision and care. Make no mistake: the quality level of the final work, carrying it out without this tool and simply using "bare hands", will always be less effective than what you can achieve using a spatula (experience lived on our skin...). So don't think you can do without it. In fact, this tool allows you to eliminate air bubbles and imperfections that can be created during the attachment of adhesives. In this sense, preventing the formation of bubbles under the stickers, which are sometimes difficult to correct, allows you to drastically reduce imperfections. A distinctive feature of these types of spatulas is the felt edge: a soft but resistant material that is therefore ideal for attaching adhesives to all types of surfaces (flat, convex, concave, etc.), allowing the film to conform perfectly to the base on which it is attached without risking damaging it, creating tensions or tears. Therefore, always make sure you choose spatulas that have this felt component, which is essential so as not to damage the adhesives regardless of the attachment surface. 

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