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TKART magazine Must Have | Tillotson QuickJet, an ally for the carburetion of your kart
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Max Bernardi
29 May 2020
“Open by 2 minutes”… “Close at 5”… These are terms often heard in kart track paddocks, especially during races, when correctly adjusting the carburetion can be decisive for achieving an important result. Because, for the uninitiated, the "minutes" mentioned above are precisely the indication conventionally used to indicate the rotation of the screws of diaphragm carburetors. These are rather small screws with minimal displacements: two characteristics that have not exactly been designed to simplify the life of kart drivers, especially the less experienced. This is why a small accessory such as the Tillotson QuickJetTM can prove to be a very intelligent ally to have with you. On the other hand, the Irish company is a leader in the manufacturing of diaphragm carburettors and its products are always aimed at aiding enthusiasts. Let's find out about this and other "must haves" for drivers’ toolboxes so that they can fully enjoy their time in karting.


The adjustment of the diaphragm carburettor. is not difficult, but it can become a nightmare in case of errors in opening and, above all, closing the screws. Tillotson, a well-known manufacturer of diaphragm carburettors, has created an accessory that very much simplifies this procedure. The system is based on a graduated ring nut that allows you to correctly set and always keep an eye on the rotation of the two screws that operate the high and low carburation speeds, eliminating the margin of error.

Indicative price

About 60 euro



Making adjustments to the correct position of the pedals according to your height is necessary to better manage braking and acceleration. In particular, smaller drivers often struggle to reach the brake and accelerator correctly and need a little help. In other words, an extension to be installed directly and (very easily) on the pedals to give the right feedback and ensure the best position for racing on the track.

Indicative price

About 30 euro

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