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TKART magazine Once in a lifetime | Going karting with Sarah Nile and... Playboy
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30 October 2016
A simple day on the track, which is not quite so simple. Because along with 8 fully faired 4T karts there were the legendary Playboy bunnies, as well as the exciting Sarah Nile. Going karting has never been so much fun.
It occurred in 2011 ... However, in reality, the seed of this “exploit” had been brewing in our minds since the dawn of time. Because, even if you are not particularly in the know, you cannot remain indifferent before the word Playboy. The power of a brand (does the stylized bunny with a tuxedo says something?) that really made history at an international level: not to mention its specific importance in the sexual revolution, just think of the endless list of Playmates (starting from Marilyn Monroe) that followed one another in a magazine able to sell millions of copies around the world. This is why, even if it occurred a while ago, the feat of bringing Playboy bunnies onto a track along with a special testimonial cannot remain outside a “once in a lifetime ...” scenario.
The Playboy bunnies and the beautiful Sarah Nile, a Neapolitan model and “Playmate of the Year” for the Italian edition of the magazine in 2011, in the unusual role of a driver.
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But first things first: the first step of our story takes us into TKART’S Milan office where, in one of the many meetings to share ideas to be transformed into articles for the magazine, someone had the courage to say what many have been thinking for a long time, “Why don’t we have a feminine presence in karts that is a bit “provocative”? A unanimously approved idea. Just as there was a unanimous association with this idea in terms of the provocation that is an icon: Playboy, in fact.
So the Italian edition of the magazine was contacted, resulting in a prompt and very enthusiastic reply. In short, it led us to organising a special karting day.
Everybody did their part. The Playboy team arrived on the track in Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) with its editorial staff and, needless to say, with the bunnies: the “star” was Sarah Nile, who at the had just finished with the “Big Brother” programme and was on the front cover of the magazine (that you will be able to get a “taste of” in the next slide). We at TKART played it safe and brought ... the karts. Specifically, the 4-stroke Honda engine 270 cc which was the protagonist in the Kart Challenge Endurance Championship of that year (2011). An appropriately aggressive but totally safe kart, even for those who are not used to being behind a steering wheel, thanks to the complete fairing and reinforced ability to “handle” more than a bump. An all-white livery that also gave us the possibility, to fully customise the karts before the event, embellishing them with graphics designed specifically with bunnies in a tuxedo and TKART logos (before the restyling).
One of the most provocative photos of the bunny Sarah Nile with a TKART tracksuit, created at that time especially for the occasion by Mir Raceline.
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