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TKART magazine Tech Focus | VEN 13, the innovative “modular” braking system by CRG
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18 February 2022
Intended for the Shifter and Direct Drive classes, it features the revolutionary ABA (Adaptive Brake Assistant) system that allows you to change the braking force of the system. Let's find out how it works, what benefits it brings and the opinion of 5 times world champion, Danilo Rossi
A well-known Pirelli advertisement stated: “Power is nothing without control”. This is valid both for tyres and for a braking system whose proper functioning must not be evaluated only on the basis of the braking power that it is able to provide during its use. There are many other characteristics of a braking system that must be taken into consideration and which play a fundamental role in enabling optimal performance to be achieved. Among these is the ability to dissipate heat in the caliper-disc-pad-hub area, the resistance that the pedal offers, performance consistency, the response that the system provides when the pedal is pressed (is it modular or does it have peaks?) in addition to the "feedback", that is the feelings that the system is able to give back to drivers based on the length of the pedal stroke. Not having the right perceptions when braking to the limit, perhaps due to the inexperience of the driver, or having a very abrupt braking system, in other words one that switches very quickly from not braking to braking a lot, in many cases leading to the wheels blocking: a deleterious situation when you are looking for maximum performance and which can be due to various aspects. For example, a very aggressive braking system with soft pads that ensure a lot of braking power, but at the same time is not easy to modulate. Or because of a system that is too high-performance compared to what the track and tyres require (there are those who cut the pads or in any case considerably reduce their braking track, especially on single-speed vehicles, obviously leaving the original disc to maintain the necessary dissipation and mechanical resistance). Precisely to overcome these problems and to "tailor" the braking system based on your driving style, your sensitivity and the level of grip provided by the track and tyres, CRG has developed the new "modular" VEN 13 system which is derived from the previous VEN 11 (in relation to which you can read the "Technical Focus - The new CRG VEN 11 brakes"), incorporating brake discs, pads, calipers and tubes, but introducing a brake pump equipped with the innovative ABA system (Adaptive Brake Assistant ). This new product, completely developed by the CRG technical department, is approved for both Shifter classes with approval number 002-B4-60 and for Direct Drive classes with approval number 002-B4-50.

The interactive animation allows you to understand the operation of the ABA (Adaptive Brake Assistant) system step by step.
Several years ago Giancarlo Tinini, the owner of CRG, tried to introduce a braking power regulator similar to those found on cars on the rear braking system of a kart. The main problem was that the FIA Karting (CIK-FIA) approval of the braking systems includes a series of standard components including one or two brake pumps, depending on the class, one or three brake calipers, a tie rod, a single tube or one split to bring oil from the pumps to the calipers (rear only or rear plus front) and a series of pads. According to the approval rules it is not possible to add a regulator like that of cars and the idea was abandoned. Subsequently, trying to better distribute the braking power on his rental electric karts, Tinini resumed the project, noting that he could solve various problems even in competitions, not only to avoid blocking the wheels, but also to provide better stability and dynamics of the kart during braking and cornering. At this point, the CRG team of technicians began the development of a solution that could, in compliance with the approval rules, give the same benefits as a braking power regulator. This led to the development of the brake pump with ABA (Adaptive Brake Assistant) system mounted on the new VEN 13 braking system. For a year now CRG has been constantly working to improve and optimise this product which has already been tested on the track by various drivers in order to receive opinions, advice and feedback for perfect calibration.
The kit of the main components of the VEN 13 braking system in the Direct Drive version.
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The kit of the main components of the VEN 13 braking system in the Shifter version.
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