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TKART magazine Tech Focus | Fast Adjusters, to quickly change the position of the seat
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09 August 2022 • 16 min. read
However, an innovative idea that intervenes precisely on one of those parameters (the position of the seat) that the various manufacturers clearly indicate and recommend ... Never vary (or almost never)! It also costs 250-280 Euros, compared to around 20 Euros for a traditional fastening solution. Does this make sense? We tried to find out by analysing it and mounting it on a chassis. To understand that…
Launching a product on the market to adjust the position of the kart seat in a simple and precise way: this is the goal for which Fast Adjusters was developed in 2020, a company founded by James Golding, Australian champion in the "junior national light" class in 2011, and John Schena, Golding's chief mechanic during his karting career and with over 40 years of motorsport experience.
In fact, in karting the seat plays such a crucial role in optimising the torsional mix of the body and in the correct distribution of the weights on the vehicle (read "Technique - the seat") that the manufacturers themselves recommend precise mounting positions to ensure the maximum performance of their products. However, there are "at the limit" situations in which adjusting the seat position beyond the parameters recommended by the manufacturers can help to refine the kart set-up (as we explained in the article "Expert advice - Tips for improving the set-up of a kart by moving the seat"). However, the seat of a kart does not move by pulling a lever as happens with common everyday cars: it is fastened in at least 4 points by nuts and bolts. To move it, therefore, it is necessary to dismantle the seat, drilling it and then fastening it again in the desired position after careful measurements. In short: a significant waste of time. The Fast Adjusters kit was developed to overcome this rather laborious procedure, available in different versions to ensure its adaptability to over 100 models of chassis from various companies. The system allows you to quickly change the position of the seat in a range of 60 mm, through a mechanism that provides for the fastening of the seat on two slides that act as lower brackets and two side plates made of pre-drilled stainless steel which, in addition to stiffening a delicate part, act as a "guide" for the various forward and backward adjustments. This certainly concerns a new project, a new idea. But the question at this point is: does it make sense to spend from 250 to 280 Euros (depending on the version) to have a useful accessory for fastening and moving the seat forward/backward (which in theory should be placed in the position indicated by the manufacturer of the seat and never moved again because the manufacturers always recommend this), an alternative to the classic method that can cost a maximum of 20 Euros? Let's find out.

By sliding your finger to the right we show you how the Fast Adjusters system works. Once the seat has been installed using the kit, the lower supports act as slides that allow the seat to be moved forward or backward, while the upper stainless steel plates serve as a reference point for the available adjustments. In particular, position 7 refers to a configuration that involves moving the seat completely towards the front of the kart, while position 3 is the one that sees the seat moved towards the rear. N.B. We could not also take advantage of positions 1 and 2 because, with the chassis at our disposal, trying to move the seat so far back it touched the chassis supports, preventing us from taking full advantage of the entire adjustment range declared by Fast Adjusters.
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