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TKART magazine Tech Focus | MA20 Mini and MA21 Mini: Righetti Ridolfi brakes for 60cc karts
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Max Bernardi
24 April 2020
For the first CIK-FIA approval reserved for the Mini class, Righetti Ridolfi has two brake systems, with the aim of giving end users the best product according to their needs
The first CIK-FIA approval dedicated to the Mini class is undoubtedly the most important new product for 2020 karting. All the major companies were ready to present their new chassis, engines, fairings and braking systems. Righetti Ridolfi was no exception. Indeed, as regards the brakes, it was the only company to approve two systems. The goal, as Giampaolo Righetti, owner of the Italian company together with his brother Maurizio, emphasises, is to best meet customer requests, thanks to two products, both good performers and very reliable.

The MA21 braking system has a black disc, the result of a treatment that protects it from rust and disappears after a few laps on the track
The two brake systems approved by Righetti Ridolfi are called MA20 and MA21; for both of them, the Italian company exploited the development and experience gained over its many years of track activity. More specifically: the MA20 Mini brake derives from the front system approved for the KF2 class (the one, to be clear, manually operated using the lever located behind the steering wheel). The MA21 Mini, on the other hand, takes advantage of the development made on the MA20 brake for the KZ, adopting, in particular, this system’s front calliper.
The front calliper of the KZ MA20 system is the same as that of the MA21 Mini
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The MA20 Mini system includes a calliper consisting of two half-shells machined from a solid piece using the latest generation C.N.C machines. Two pistons, 26 mm in diameter, which push the pads against the disc. The calliper has an axial attachment to support it. The brake disc is solid, and therefore not self-ventilated or floating. It has a diameter of 170 mm and a thickness of 3.5 mm. Its external circumference is designed to facilitate the cleaning of the pads, like the disc’s emptying devices, which also have the task of improving cooling.
Thanks to this non-self-ventilated disc, combined with a smaller calliper, the MA20 MINI system’s strength is its lightness: a highly appreciated characteristic, because it allows better management of the overall weight of the vehicle in favour of balancing.
The MA20 braking system is light
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The MA20 braking system is light
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The calliper attachment is axial. The disc is not self-ventilated
The calliper attachment is axial. The disc is not self-ventilated
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ManufacturerRighetti Ridolfi
Materials and disc typeSolid aluminium
Disc diameter and thickness170 x 3,5 mm
Number of calliper pistons2
Length of the friction material36 mm
Height of the friction material29,6 mm
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