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TKART magazine Tech Focus | OXiTECH, the new AMV magnesium rims
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Max Bernardi
10 July 2019
Performance and durability. These are the characteristics that all enthusiasts look for in a magnesium rim for karts. The specialized company AMV (Alluminio Magnesio Veneto) has summarized them in a unique, futuristic product, the OXiTECH rims. Let’s discover them
AMV, based in the north-east of Italy, in an area greatly interested and involved in karting, was founded in 1992 as a kart rim manufacturer. In 2008 the company was taken over by the Stefanello family who expanded the production to other magnesium components for karts such as gearwheel supports, disc housings, hubs and complete braking systems. Presently, the manufacturing of these products for third party vendors constitutes its main activity. Over the years, AMV has always distinguished itself for its dedicated and consistent work on research which recently culminated in the development of low-pressure casting and OXiTECH treatment. Two processes that allow the manufacturing of high-quality magnesium components for karts while representing a new step into the future.
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As Tommaso Stefanello, owner of AMV explains the OXiTECH rim was born from a specific need: “The magnesium rim, after the mechanical machining presents an issue linked to its oxidation. This natural process is usually limited by the use of a chromate conversion coating, a magnesium corrosion inhibitor with an iridescent gold yellow color that is somewhat obsolete. The main limitation is its duration as, with the passing of time and the use of the rims, the coating is lost leaving access to the oxidation and corrosion of the magnesium. Hence the desire to study an alternative method that would allow us to maintain the aesthetic and functional properties of the magnesium rim unaltered throughout its existence”.
The new OXiTECH rims by AMV
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The OXiTECH treatment has a function of protection against corrosion and wear
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