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TKART magazine Under Review | All the details (and secrets) of the Kart Republic KR1 powered by IAME Screamer IV KZ 2023 World Champion in Wackersdorf
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Giacomo Mantovani
15 November 2023 • 20 min. read

2023 was a year full of international successes for Kart Republic. In fact, the chassis of the brand founded by Dino Chiesa in 2017 achieved several victories in the most important competitions (FIA Karting and WSK), both in the Shifter and Direct Drive classes. However, without a shadow of a doubt the peak of the racing season was reached in Wackersdorf (Germany), where the KR Motorsport factory team, thanks to Paolo Ippolito, managed to win, for the first time in its still short history, the most important title of all for shifter karts: the KZ FIA Karting World Championship. The championship was held in a single round, from 7 to 10 September, on the Prokart Raceland circuit (Germany) and was characterised by sunny and breezy days with rather warm temperatures, with peaks of about 29°C.

Thanks to the photographic contributions and information "stolen" directly on the track by TKART, immediately after the final, we closely analyse every aspect (and all the details) of the KZ 2023 KZ World Champion Kart KR1 chassis. Revealing the set-ups used during the race weekend, the components selected and the choices that allowed KR Motorsport and Paolo Ippolito to win the world title.

Editor's note: in the photo of the previous slide, from the left, the Kart Republic staff directly involved in winning the world title: Glenn Keyaert, Flavio Andreatta, Jacopo Minelli (IAME), Dino Chiesa, Filippo Zaggia (IAME), Andrea Brioni and (sitting in the kart) Paolo Ippolito.

Paolo Ippolito at the wheel of the Kart Republic KR1 powered by the IAME Screamer IV KZ engine. During the competition, the KR Motorsport team had 6 LeCont SVC Prime tyres at its disposal, to be managed from practice sessions to Super Heats. For the final, as per the regulations, four new tyres were used.
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Ippolito's Kart Republic KR1, without an engine after the final, bears the signs of the battle on the track clearly visible on its right belly.
The podium of the final of the KZ FIA Karting World Championship 2023. From left to right: Stephan Fritsch (the owner of the Prokart Raceland circuit); Viktor Gustafsson (second place - Sweden - CRG/ TM Kart); Paolo Ippolito (first place - Italy - KR/IAME); Stan Pex (third place - Holland - KR/TM Kart); Flavio Andreatta (KR Motorsport team manager)).
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The Prokart Raceland is 1,190 metres long and 9 to 10.5 metres wide. The track has various differences in height and numerous points suitable for overtaking. The most well-known sections of the track are: the fast S in the second sector with a large junction at the entrance and the three tight and well distributed hairpin bends.
Paolo Ippolito (born in 1996) on the podium while celebrating the title he has just won.
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