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TKART magazine Under Review | Mini Energy Storm 2020, a winning project
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Max Bernardi
30 September 2020
CIK-FIA 2020-2023

The homologation of the Energy Corse Storm chassis is from 2020, the first one reserved by the Federation for the MINI category. It has a valid duration of 3 years.


The chassis can be used in categories dedicated by younger kart drivers.

28 mm

In the MINI kart regulation, the main tubes which constitute the chassis must have a diameter of 28 mm.


There are two “schools of thought” on the welding method, manual or automated. The Storm chassis is a robot welded version.


The standard accessories are made of aluminum.

The 2020 CIK-FIA homologated MINI chassis by Energy Corse presents several new features like the brake system, fairings and the accessories designed to best adapt the chassis to younger drivers. The shape of the frame, competitive in any grip conditions on the various tracks, on the other hand, it remains unchanged, reinforced by the victory of the 2020 WSK Super Master Series, with the Russian driver Dmitry Matveev.

The 2020 Energy Storm’s new innovations is a long list but let us start by analyzing what has not changed from the past, as in the frame. Its design is classic, yet characterized by the double curve of the longerons at the height of the fuel tank, a feature present in most of the new CIK-FIA homologated MINI chassis, which makes the MINI Storm look like its bigger brother, as it was the focus of the TKART analysis, “Energy Space 2018 version“. The frame design, developed over years of international competitions, has proven to adapt to any grip conditions on various tracks. All of the main chassis tubes have a diameter of 28 mm and are not welded by hand but robotically done. This process allows for the manufacturing of identical products in the different production batches unlike in manual welding where different operators alternate, as analyzed by TKART in the article ”Automated chassis welding”.
At the front, the height is modified with spacers above and below the stub axle, while at the rear the Storm chassis, by the two bearing cases, has three different options to adjust the height from the ground. Starting from the central fastening position, that of the standard setup, the rear axle can be raised or lowered by 7 mm. Everything is managed with four screws, where the two upper ones operate on a slot and the two lower ones feature three positions that are well-defined by holes. This solution allows them to completely unscrew only two screws, this speeds up the kart setup adjustment operations.
The 2020 Energy Storm mounts a KG MK20 fairing that was created to protect the driver from the air impact and reduce the aerodynamic resistance.
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The height of the rear frame is adjusted by four screws on the bearing cases. The two upper screws are in a slot while the two lower ones have three positions well-defined by holes. Starting from the central hole (standard setup) then the rear axle can be raised or lowered by 7 mm.
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