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TKART magazine Under Review | Hurricane, the new Gold Kart Mini
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Max Bernardi
21 February 2020
CIK-FIA 2020 – 2023

The Gold Kart Hurricane homologation is the 2020, the first one dedicated by the Federation to the MINI category.


The chassis can be used in the categories dedicated to the younger drivers, such as the Mini and the Baby.


According to the Minikart regulations the tubes that compose the chassis must have a 28 mm diameter.


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. Righetti Ridolfi welds manually.


Standard accessories are made of aluminum, with the option to request them in magnesium.

The historical brand Gold Kart is well aware of the importance of the MINI category as this is the first step in the world of karting and of motorsports in general for all young drivers. For the first homologation wanted by CIK-FIA to unify this category under a single international technical regulation, the Italian company presented its new Hurricane chassis, optimized in the geometries and featuring new graphics.

As per the regulations, the frame is composed by 28 mm tubes and a design similar to that of the GTR 30, the Gold Kart model for the upper categories. The similarity is most noticeable at the front end where the longerons form a double curve, a change which although already introduced in 2015, was further developed and improved. In particular, the first longeron’s curve starting from the kart’s rear, has been closed more while the crossbar under the seat has been slightly shifted. Small changes which, on the track, translate into an increased smoothness of driving the kart.
The frames are welded manually, using the three equipped stations located inside the company. Maurizio Righetti, owner of Righetti Ridolfi together with the brother Giampaolo, underline: “The quality of manual welding on a racing chassis is still superior to that implemented by a robot. It is a delicate operation where experience and competence are very important. It certainly is not an easy process to perform”.
The new Gold Kart Hurricane features an updated graphics kit
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The fairings are the Eurostar Dynamica by Parolin Racing, while the rear bumper is manufactured by Righetti Ridolfi
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Righetti Ridolfi, manufacturer of the Gold Kart chassis, welds the frames manually
The longerons with a double curve at the tank’s height, a feature which is common of the Gold Kart’s upper category chassis
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The steering column support is curved towards the front
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The footrest can be adjusted to adapt to the driver’s height and general preferences
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Continuing the analysis of the chassis, at the front there is CC Solver by Righetti Ridolfi caster and camber adjustment system. By acting on the upper adjustment, only the camber is changed while acting on the lower one, the caster is operated without simultaneously changing the two parameters as it occurs in some older systems. Always at the front, we find the adjustable footrest, an essential accessory especially in very young drivers’ karts where adapting the chassis to the driver’s height is a must. The system designed by Righetti Ridolfi allows the sliding of the footrest and the moving of its attachment to 3 different positions. The dimensions of the floor tray follow the chassis’ perimeter, while the adhesive has been changed in its consistency and is now rougher to the touch and with a greater grip for the feet.
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