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TKART magazine Under Review | KR2 M.Y. '22: Kart Republic's single-speed chassis evolves to keep winning
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Giacomo Mantovani
09 May 2022
CIK-FIA 2022

The new Kart Republic KR2 M.Y. '22 takes advantage of the CIK-FIA 023-CH-98 approval certificate valid for the year 2022.


An approved chassis for the gear and single-speed classes, being particularly suitable for the latter, which we will analyse in this configuration.

30 mm / 32 mm

The design involves a combination of tubes using both diameters for this chassis.


The Kart Republic KR2 MY 2022 chassis is made via a fully automated continuous arc welding process.


The accessories provided for this chassis are made of magnesium as standard, available in two versions: classic or with OXiTECH treatment (by AMV, “Chrome free”). At the moment, only the bearing shells are in Anticorodal and guarantee a longer life than the same components made of magnesium.

Kart Republic has succeeded in the not simple feat of designing winning chassis, especially in the single-speed classes, since its debut in the international karting scene in 2018. Proof of this are the world (2), European (4) and national titles that followed in the 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 seasons. The KR2 model, approved for both direct drive and shifter classes, is updated, for this new approval cycle, by Dino Chiesa, founder and owner of Kart Republic and Chiesa Corse, in the name of evolution, without looking for revolutionary chassis shapes. The Italian technician, manager and talent scout immediately applied, for this model, the technical guidelines adopted and developed over the years for his previous projects (Zanardi Kart, first of all) and which had already allowed him to win the most prestigious races in the world.

The renewed 2022 version of the Kart Republic KR2 retains both the name and approval number of the first version from 2018 (read the "Under examination - KR2 the world champion chassis"). The partnership at the basis of the production of the KR2, with Breda Racing, a manufacturer of racing car components and equipment for over thirty years, also remains unchanged. The new Kart Republic chassis has been improved in various technical and functional aspects, although the most obvious changes, at first glance, seem mostly aesthetic.
Also from an aesthetic point of view, with the KR2 M.Y. 2022, compared to the M.Y. 2018, Kart Republic has acted in the name of evolution, maintaining the original asymmetrical design, but introducing a grey texture with a "brushstroke" effect in place of the previous white.
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The design of the KR2 body is more suitable for single-speed classes. This was defined, starting from the solid technical foundations of the previous version, the "2018 model", studied on the basis of the recent tyre approval criteria, which involve harder compounds and therefore the drive to create a chassis capable of ensuring greater grip levels. The development of the new KR2 mainly concerned: the resolution of some small criticalities of the previous model, already a winning project in itself; the refinement of some production processes; the meticulous choice of materials and treatments to which they are subjected; finally, obsessive quality control in every process. This 2022 version of the KR2, although many evolutions are not directly visible, is the perfect summary of Dino Chiesa's experience, a guarantee of performance on the track and agility and ease in the adjustments to be made on the chassis, clear proof of the basis of the design, the real needs of those on the track who seek maximum performance, in every context and in the shortest possible time, are very clear.
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