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TKART magazine Under Review | Monster EVO 3, the 2020 Praga Karts for the younger drivers
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Max Bernardi
29 December 2019
CIK-FIA 2020 - 2023

The Praga Monster Evo 3 is part of the 2020 homologation session, which is valid for 3 years.


The chassis is suitable for the 60 Mini category, for younger drivers from 9 to 12 years old.


According to the Minikart regulations the tubes that compose the chassis must have a 28 mm diameter.


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. IPK welds manually.


The accessories for the IPK Group chassis are done in magnesium

New braking system, new accessories and a new racing colors are just some of the changes implemented by Praga Karts for its Monster Evo 3, the new chassis dedicated to the Minikart categories.  

The Mini class is undoubtedly the most formative one for young drivers entering the world of karting. In 2020 the FIA International Karting Commission has decided to bring together all the, which previously were national, under a single regulation opening the door, in fact, to a new international Mini class whose products (chassis, engines, brakes, fairings, etc.) meet the same homologation criteria as in the higher categories.
IPKarting, a group that manufactures the chassis for Praga Karts, Formula K, OK1 and RS, has taken the historic opportunity to present its new Mini chassis, the Monster EVO 3. The base of the new kart is a frame made of tubes all with a diameter of 28 mm, manually welded by experienced company personnel. As Cesare Gastaldelli, manager of the Technical Department emphasizes: “For all IPK chassis the welding is implemented manually, using the latest generation welding machines which allow the operator to completely manage the current flow. The experience of our personnel is a guarantee that the right tension of the frames, a fundamental factor in the production destined for racing” is done. The chassis design reflects the lines of the IPK brand’s higher classes, especially with regard to the front end area, where the Monster Evo 3 features a double curve at the fuel tank height.
The new Praga Monster Evo 3 offers a lot of technical innovations
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The new Praga Kart graphics are aesthetically striking, featuring as dominant colors blue, silver and carbon effect
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The central area of the chassis is characterized by a double curve longeron
This is the most significant difference compared to the Praga Piccolo, another Minikart chassis, recently out of production, which had a single curve on the longeron. Among the new features there is also the new rear bearing housing which offers an additional height adjustment, which now is a total of four choices. Enhanced for the front is the CCS (Camber Caster System) made by IPK, which allows the separate adjustment of the camber and caster. The system has been simplified by eliminating a spacer and fastening the bushings with the spherical seat in the upper, lower and inner part of the C chassis, thus facilitating the modification of the geometries. Also, with regard to the accessories, an extra firmness has been added to the axles range, expanding the possibilities of changing the setup. Getting back to the chassis tubes, those which are the supports of the side fairings and front spoiler are now securely fastened, they have been shortened and decreased in diameter. The modification has allowed the elimination of the Teflon bushing leaving the chassis freer and reducing the tension that was created by making it integrated with the fairing’s support structure. The fastening system has also been revised, allowing the screws to be tightened without ovalizing the chassis tube. Another innovation involves the master cylinder support, now no longer formed by a plate welded to the chassis but by an open housing which allows a better alignment of the pump with respect to the brake pedal. Additionally, the new solution increases the rigidity of the support, an important factor especially when dealing with the brake system and the consequent safety of the driver. The Monster Evo 3 features an innovative plate for the fuel tank’s fastening. Equipped with two rings, it enables the passage of the fuel pipe, allowing a more orderly management of the area.
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