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TKART magazine Under Review | Parolin Invader M.Y. 2022: the king of KZ2
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Giacomo Mantovani
19 April 2022
CIK-FIA 2022

The new Parolin Invader 2022 chassis is CIK-FIA 017-CH-99 approved.


The approval certificate and the "double face" Parolin setting make it usable in all classes, but due to its structure this chassis is more suitable for gear classes.

32 mm

The Parolin Invader chassis is made using all 32 mm diameter and 2 mm thick tubes.


The Invader chassis, like all the latest generation Parolin chassis, is made through a fully automated welding process.


All accessories are made of light aluminium alloy, while hubs and rims are supplied in magnesium as standard.

2021 was an important season for Parolin Racing Kart, as far as the gear classes are concerned. In fact, victory in Kristianstad (Sweden) in the FIA Karting International Super Cup (to be clear, the KZ2 "world championship") with Lorenzo Travisanutto marked the achievement of a goal that the company had in its sights, as a priority, after the work done on its "shifter" products. In particular, the chassis that led Parolin Racing Kart to victory was the Invader model which, although approved and usable in all classes, is more suitable for the gear classes because of the structural and geometric characteristics of the body tubes. The development work, targeted and without radical upheavals, that involved the Invader, now on sale to the public in the "year 2022 model" version, involved every component of the chassis (body, but also accessories), from the choice of the best alloy, to the most effective treatment, without neglecting the manufacturing process that accompanies the material from raw materials to the finished product.
Parolin Racing Kart produces its own chassis internally. This allows it to reduce the times of the development phase of the products and to have a more direct quality control than other manufacturers. The accessories are also designed and manufactured internally by the company: the technical department supervised by Albino Parolin, owner of Parolin Racing Kart, follows the path as a whole, from casting of the alloy to internal CNC machining.
The colours of the Year 2022 Invader Model sticker kit remain unchanged, compared to the M.Y. 2018, but the style is clearer and more decisive, with marked and essential graphic signs. The Dynamica fairings kit has also been developed, designed and produced directly by Parolin Racing Kart, now adapted to the increasingly stringent FIA regulations in terms of safety and crash tests.
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The Invader M.Y. 2022 (read here the article dedicated to the year 2018 model “Under Review - Parolin Invader the chassis dedicated to the shifter classes”) maintains traditional shapes, which have already proved to be effective, and faithfully follows the angles and measurements of the previous edition. The structure is also unchanged: the body is entirely made of chromium-molybdenum steel alloy 32 mm diameter tubes, with a thickness of 2 mm.
The name remains unchanged and there are no market distinctions: In fact, the Invader chassis is in a single version for all countries. Aesthetically, it has an unmistakable and typical Parolin shape, introduced 4 years ago with the arrival of the fairings kit studied in a wind tunnel (you can read the article in our “Focus Tech - Dynamica fairings for the Parolin Racing world champion karts”) and for the shiny and glittery red colour, typical of Parolin Racing Kart.
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