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Under Review | Parolin Invader: a chassis specially made for shifter classes

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04 July 2018
CIK-FIA 2018-2020

The Parolin Invader approval dates from 2018 and expires in 2020. It is valid for all classes


The chassis is suitable for use with both non-shifter and shifter engines. The photos show the KZ version


The Parolin Invader frame is made using 32 mm diameter tubes


There are two “schools of thought”: manual or automated. Parolin subscribes to the latter, welding with robots


Magnesium accessories as standard for the racing frames. Aluminium is also available on request


KZ are the most challenging classes in karting from a technical point of view. To compete at the highest levels, you need a technologically advanced vehicle with no detail left to chance. Parolin Racing Kart is well aware of this and has taken advantage of the 2018 - 2020 approval session to introduce the innovative Invader chassis that has been optimised thanks to a new braking system and a new fairings kit.

The experience gained out on the track at the main international events with the works Parolin Racing Team was fundamental to the development of the new Invader chassis: it is where materials and modifications were tested and where the guidelines are established for the design of the chassis.
Therefore, the new Invader is undoubtedly a product of the track and, although the approval is valid for all classes, the product was designed and analysed to excel in the shifter classes. Starting with its 32 mm diameter tubes, all welded by robots using a fully automated process on which Parolin has invested heavily.

The welding process is then followed by a heat treatment that serves to lengthen the lifespan of the frames, eliminating post-welding stresses. Furthermore, this process makes it possible to increase or decrease certain characteristics of the material.

While tubes represent a fundamental ingredient in the chassis of a kart, another critical element is the geometry of the frame. In this sense, it is worth comparing the Invader and the Le Mans, another model made by Parolin that has already been analysed by TKART

Looking at the drawing of the design of the Invader chassis, you can see that the longerons are slanted towards the inside of the kart in the area near the tank: that decision was made in order to move the torsion point towards the front end of the kart. In practical terms, this set-up means the chassis enters bends more readily, a particularly important factor in the shifter classes, in which the driving style requires the vehicle to enter aggressively, sacrificing smoothness.

Moving on to the rear end, note the position of the crossbar, further back compared to the Le Mans in order to give the chassis more grip and traction when exiting bends.
Another important aspect are the high bearing carriers: a decision that has always been made to favour use in KZ classes, increasing lateral grip.
Increasing stiffness, on the other hand, is the aim of the small tube with a reduced diameter that joins the two main 32 mm tubes in the area in which the engine is bolted in place. It guarantees additional strength to accommodate the KZ engine, which is heavier and more powerful than that of a non-shifter.

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