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TKART magazine VIP & Kart | Alexander Albon in kart to prepare himself for the debut in Formula 1
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Michele Panzera
10 January 2019
Kart enthusiasts remember him very well, since less than 10 years ago he won the CIK-FIA World Cup in KF3 (now OKJ) defeating Max Verstappen. The enormous audience is getting ready to know him better during 2019, when Verstappen will return to be his consistent adversary but, this time, in the F1 circuits.

We are talking about Alexander Albon, a British driver by birth but training out of Thai nationality, chosen by Toro Rosso, along with Daniil Kvjat, to race the 2019 Formula 1 World Championship: the fulfillment of the dream which all children have from the time when they started to hold a steering wheel in their hands. A dream that, for Albon, began in karting in 2006, he went through the aforementioned 2010 World Championship, grew up during the years in the different single seater categories, from the Formula Renault to the GP3, always with excellent results, up to the initiation of being with the Toro Rosso group. A new start, but also a complete circle of karting life, it is true that once he arrived at the top of the motorsport pyramid, the first vehicle to which Albon returned to has been the one with which everything started: the kart.
In fact, as it often happens, for Albon too karting is not just a past adventure. It rather remains as a great passion for him and, above all, the ideal way to train, especially during the winter season when racing activities are suspended. Karting puts to the test the body, the mind and the ability to analyze the vehicles reactions and communicate his observations to the technicians in order to find the best possible setup.
Alexander Albon with Michele Panigada, boss of Energy Corse…
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...and the technicians guided by the expert Simone Sorio (on the left)
Customized details for the Energy kart used by Albon during the test day in Lonato
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It is not easy to go from the single seater to the kart, especially the KZ, which he has never driven before. Amongst the main challenges, is holding the steering wheel with only one hand while the other is on the shifter lever. Albon himself admits: “It took me a while to get used to it”.
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