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TKART magazine VIP & Kart | Daniil Kvyat: DVS surprise
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20 January 2016
The Russian ace of the Red Bull F1 team spent a day on karts with Morsicani
Racing tro try the new ROK DVS engine
“Hi, it's Daniil. Next week I have a day off, will you take me karting?” Ok, perhaps this isn't exactly how words panned out between Red Bull F1's Russian driver Daniil Kvyat and Morsicani Racing owner Angelo Morsicani, but this is more or less the jist of it: a simple, spontaneous request from one man to another, like when you ask a favor to a friend or... your dad.
Afterall, in sporting terms, Morsicani could really be Kvyat's “dad”: they met when Daniil joined the Morsicani Racing team as a kid, back in his KFJ days, and remained close even after his move to autos. As Morsicani says: “We talk at least once a week, if not more”.
One of these usual phone calls, as we were saying, arrived on a hot summer afternoon, as Kvyat was hoping to spend his day off training in karts. As he often says: “With the limits on testing we have in Formula 1, karting is the best way to keep in shape”. Add to this a deep friendship with a gentleman who manages an important kart racing team and said, done; all it takes is a phone call. Plans are made in a flash: South Garda Karting track, Lonato. That's where the Russian from Bashkiria will meet up with the Morsicani Racing crew for a day on karts, fresh from earning his first ever F1 podium at the Hungary GP (with a fantastic 2nd place finish). Actually, Kvyat and Morsicani meet up the night before over dinner, to talk about a project that next year could bring them closer than ever. We don't know anything about it; but when we talk to Angelo Morsicani, we get the feeling that they really are ”scheming” something and that it's already well in the works.
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