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TKART magazine VIP & Kart | Fassbender at the wheel of a Luxor KZ kart. An… award-winning test
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09 March 2017
Although the adventure, in itself, is not particularly recent, there are emotions that, truth be told, are timeless. For example, when you happen to spend a day at the track with a Hollywood actor, two-time Oscar nominee and great engine enthusiast. It is always worthwhile taking a trip down memory lane to that time in Castelletto di Branduzzo, with a Luxor KZ and, at the wheel, the actor of 12 Years a Slave and the X-Men, to name but a few...

Take an Oscar nominated actor, bring him to one of Europe's most impressive international race tracks, give him a kart and have him drive all he wants. Done? If you managed to… hats off to you! Because the above ingredients are rather difficult to find and put together.

TKART can tell you by experience. In fact, always eager to dive into the next “mission impossible” (just to stay on topic), on a sunny day of some time ago, we decided to roll out our imaginary red carpet along the Castelletto di Branduzzo track (Pavia-Italy) to live the excitement of an amazing silver screen day with Michael Fassbender, a real Hollywood star.

The greatest merit actually goes to Alberto Vergani, President of Nolan, owner of the Italian communication agency called Opinion Leader, and back in the day manager of drivers Marco Melandri and Carlos Checa and "orchestrator" of F1 driver Ivan Capelli's ascent to Ferrari: in short, a man with a certain aptitude for scouting talents and, as in this case, for making great stories possible.
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“Motorcycles are perhaps my biggest love: i have covered many kilometers around the world on two wheels. It's by far one of my favorite ways to travel.
I also had the thrill of crossing the Channel... it was great!”

Michael Fassbender
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