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TKART magazine VIP & Kart | Robert Kubica: his return to F1, remembering his passion for karting
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08 December 2018
In 2019, Robert Kubica will finally get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car. An event long awaited for by all fans, because as well as being a talent, the Polish driver is a man who takes his passion for motorsport seriously. Also for karts, vehicles he has never hesitated to "get his hands dirty" over. Like in 2009, spending hours and days on the track to test and fine-tune the chassis that bears his initials: RK

It is this determination that, in 2009, we had the honour of getting to know from close up, observing the dedication and passion with which, as soon as his commitments allowed him, he would get on a track with the kart produced by Birel and marked with his initials: RK. Not just days for having fun and not missing out on training, but intense "real karting" sessions, taking a van with a chassis loaded on it from his garage and driving it to the circuit in Lonato (or wherever) to go karting. Someone who gets his hands dirty and breaks his nails to tighten bolts and fit tyres.

In that far off, although just slightly, 2009, staying under the Robert Kubica tent meant seeing a young man who was a bit taller than average, but much more famous, run to pick up keys and a ruler to make an adjustment, then go and sort out the tyre pressures, then get on the track, then go back into the paddock, adjust something again, do another ten laps and then, maybe, stop for a moment.
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Robert Kubica in the Lonato paddock in 2009, along with some young fans. Photo by Riccardo del Conte
A relaxing moment after a strenuous session on the track
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"When I developed the kart, I tried to make it as easy and effortless to drive as possible. If karting is meant to be fun... it shouldn’t require too much effort, right?"

Robert Kubica

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