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22nd Easykart International Grand Finals
30 October 2023

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And the winner is…

The 2023 international champions in Franciacorta.

A weekend to remember in Franciacorta. With over 180 drivers present on the track, many emotions were experienced: the 22nd International Final saw, in fact, three days full of good races, overtakes and lots of sport. There was also a show in the village set up in the paddock for the occasion: in addition to the official proclamation of the winners of the Easykart Trophy, the award ceremony for the best rookies in BMB and Easykart 60 in the trophy and the pole sitters at the Final, the Easykart world acknowledged and celebrated the event with a special edition of the Ap-Easy aperitif, with Ivan Stefanoni's DJ set and with Deborah Grandi Colleoni's "Join Us Band". There was no shortage of the fireworks show on Saturday evening and other "side" moments such as the group photo and the traditional parade of drivers on the starting straight.

Returning to the competition on the track, the winners this year were: Andrii Kruglyk (Easykart 60), Antonio Cocchianella (Easykart 100), Sam Faulkner (Easykart 125), Marco Sertore (Senior) and Marco Maestranzi (BMB Challenge).

Easykart 60: Andrii Kruglyk twice champion!
Kruglyk repeated last year's success and confirmed himself as the fastest among the 46 drivers on the track. Dominating in the wet in qualifying with a stratospheric pole position, Andrii remained undefeated in both heats and triumphed in the Final. Behind him was an extraordinary Tommaso D'Ambrosio who took home the prestigious title of vice champion, with Zdenek Babicek third by just a tenth of a second over Diego Rollando, fourth overall. Fifth place for Edoardo Galimberti at the end of a great recovery of five positions.

Easykart 100: Antonio Cocchianella is world champion!
It was Antonio Cocchianella who was crowned Easykart world champion in the 100 category. Second overall in qualifying, Antonio was able to react to some subpar heats by contesting an exemplary Final: starting from tenth place, the Italian driver gave his all in the most important 16 laps of the weekend and achieved the most important success of the season, rightfully entering Easykart history! Vice champion in the category is Tomas Rosypal, second just over three tenths behind the winner and author of the overall pole position. On the third step of the podium was Valentino Gaggia, who once again confirmed great growth, fourth place for Lorenzo Pignanelli, fifth for Lorenzo Cheli.

Easykart 125: Sam Faulkner is the King!
It was the notes of "God Save the King" that resonated on the 125 podium, thanks to a resounding success by Sam Faulkner, who had also won the Prefinal a few hours earlier. Marco Barbaglia, instead, dominated in qualifying - the Italian driver took pole position with over two tenths of an advantage over all the others. The winners of the two heats were, instead, Francesco Ruga and Alessio Guazzaroni. Returning to the Final, it was the latter who finished second after a comeback of ten positions, third place for Ruga.

Easykart Senior: WE. WANT. MARK. Marco Sertore triumphs!
After the victory in the Italian championship, Marco Sertore was also the fastest in the most important weekend of the season: fifth overall in qualifying, Sertore reconfirmed himself fifth overall at the end of the heats, finished eighth in the Prefinal and 17th in the Final, after having battled in the top 10 for over half the race. Behind him the Scotsman Mark Lawrence, who received the special "best fans" award, and the Englishman Thomas Welsh.

BMB Challenge: Marco Maestranzi repeats the success of 2022!
Marco Maestranzi returned to triumph in the main Easykart category and did so at the end of an almost dominated weekend: after an unlucky qualifying, he won both heats, the Prefinal and the Final by just 75 thousandths of a second over Valentino Baracco. Sixth in the Prefinal, Baracco was able to move up in the Final by fighting for success until the last metre. Third at the finish line, just over three tenths behind the winner Giuseppe Gaglianò, who confirmed himself among the fastest after second place in the Prefinal. The pole position in qualifying went to Gabriel Moretto.

Easytraining and 60 Academy: the baby drivers of the paddock at the Easykart World Championship
On the occasion of the 22nd International Final, 33 pilots took to the track like their big brothers: albeit with different programs compared to the other categories, they faced all the opportunities presented over the three days with great success too. Followed by the instructor Sabino De Castro and Roberto Baroni, they participated in the theoretical briefing, took to the track for their sessions and were all awarded at the end of the event.

With the most important race of the year over, it's already time to focus on 2024... but not to go into "winter break" mode! In fact, on November 18-19, the 2023 edition of the Winter Trophy by Easykart will be held at the "7 Laghi Kart" in Castelletto di Branduzzo: an opportunity for teams and drivers to try all the new solutions in view of the next season. All information soon.

See you on the track. Stay racing, stay happy… and think Easy!

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